3 Common Reasons Why You Must Install a Water Softener

Hard water is bad for your skin and hair, it has certain ill effects that affect the quality of one’s life. Also, hard water is not one of those problems that one has to live with, thanks to some of the outstanding products such as Fleck Water Softener. The water softeners convert the hard water into soft water and make it perfect for almost all the household purposes such as washing, cleaning, and gardening including drinking. While there are several advantages of soft water over hard water, we give you 3 Common Reasons Why You Must Install a Water Softener in your home!

  1. Using a Water Softener Will Improve The Taste of Water

Most of us who encounter the problem of hard water must have noticed that water running down their faucets doesn’t taste or smell too well to be had directly from the faucet. The clear reason for this off taste in the water is the mineral deposits in it or the grime that builds up in the plumbing pipes over a period of time. Both of these facts also contribute to the strange odour the water holds.

Using a water softener will not only reduce the deposits of minerals (such as Calcium Carbonate) in the waters but also cut down on the grime that builds in the plumbing systems over a period of time. This makes the water much more drinkable even if it is right from the faucet!

  1. Using A Water Softener Lowers The Energy Bills And Extends The Life of Appliances

If you are using hard water in your day to day life, you might be washing down your cash without even realizing it. Hard water utilizes a lot of detergent, soap or cleaner to clean whether it is the clothes, utensils or even your hair! The scaly deposits in the water get build up in the appliances (such as washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, and humidifiers) and affect their overall efficiency which also contributes to higher energy bills since they have to work harder with the hard water. This significantly reduces the lifespan of the appliances. They also get deposited in the plumbing systems and can show adverse results in the long run.

Using a water softener can solve all these problems. This means you can save on energy costs, the appliances have better efficiency and longer life. And everything seems to have a better output once a good quality water softener is installed.

  1. Using A Water Softener Will Improve The Overall Lifestyle Experience

A water softener has several advantages that are bound to improve the overall experience of an individual’s day to day life. Using one of the best water softener brands on the market such as Fleck Water Softener that has always received five-star reviews makes life even breezy. It is surprising how a number of people get used to the ill effects of using hard water in their daily life without even being aware of it. Hard water can affect everything from how your skin and hair feel, how clean your dishes and laundry are. Using hard water means experiencing a few things on a daily basis such as using soap that does not lather, clothes that do not feel soft after wash, skin and hair that are not too smooth and utensils that feel soapy even after a wash.

So go ahead and experience the change in quality of life once you install a water softener.

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Movie Box For iOS Review: Best Free Movie Streaming App?

Best Free Movie Streaming App

Backdrop: What the generation wants?

For a generation that is technology savvy & always on the lookout for anything that can make their life easy, apps ranging from e-commerce websites to gaming & movie experience have made this ultimate dream of having served things on a silver platter a reality. As we all are pretty aware that more than 50% population of USA, UK, and countries like India comprises of the young blood, it is inevitable to deny the fact that today’s generation is attracted to comfort & convenience, especially when we talk about having control over everything with just a click of the button.

We are part of a generation that wants things to happen at their pace, on the go & pretty much in their time frame. From shopping online, to getting groceries delivered at the door-step, to getting addicted to online gaming, how can we miss out on one incredibly favorite leisure some activity which every youth engages in whenever & wherever its possible. So what is this so liked activity, breaking the suspense, it obviously is watching movies (latest or old classics) at our expediency.

How Movie Box rolls in the picture:

Well now having created the backdrop for our discussion, I’d like to dive into the core point of discussion. Now as we know our generation, or probably why just our generation, our parents & grandparents all belong to a generation of movie bugs. Watching movies has been more of a detox than just a mode of entertainment. One definitely gets rejuvenated after coming out of movie halls. The trend still continues but with a slight variation, even today we watch movies yet the difference being now we don’t usually go to the movie halls rather we have movies walking up to us in the form of various movie streaming apps available on our very own smart phones.

The point emphasized here is how various movie streaming apps make our movie watching experience a worthy &relaxing one. Just like we have different apps for a particular requirement, say for example both big basket & grofers provide groceries, so what is it that am trying to establish here? For one movie watching experience we have different apps available yet which is the best one, we’ll get to know since one such movie streaming app i.e. Movie Box is trending nowadays.

So, what exactly is Movie Box, as the name suggests Movie Box App is a movie streaming application for the movie aficionado in short one stop solution for excellent movie watching experience. Moreover it is available both for android & iOS. Movie Box has a reach of about 8 million users & is considered the best movie streaming app.

Here is why Movie Box stands out in the race of different apps serving the same purpose

Features of Movie Box

  • Movie Box offers several features like download now, watch later as well as watch now features
  • The movie quality is available in 360P, 480P, 720P & 1080P
  • Movie Box also offers a range of television series
  • Unlike other apps like Netflix, it offers these movies & television series free of cost
  • These movies & television shows can be downloaded simultaneously
  • Movie Box also has a new feature that update you on new movies or television shows being added to the list
  • Furthermore, it provides the user with a friendly interface

All in all, owing to the above-mentioned stand out points, Movie Box is the best movie streaming app providing a rich experience to users. Although, it may be having some similarities to its counter apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon prime yet certain differential points make it a much-liked app by the users as a whole.

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IPS vs TN Panel Of Gaming Monitor – Which Is Better?

Is your quest for some excellent experience in gaming? If you are a game enthusiast, then it is expedient to buy a top-notch monitor to boost your gaming experience. Price should be the first factor to consider when exploring to purchase a top-notch USB monitor for gaming. Nevertheless, the panel technology, panel size, pixel rate & response and panel resolution are some other important factors to consider as well. To be factual, among all these factors, the panel technology remains the most essential item. Are you looking for great tips to differentiate IPS vs TN panel? Keep reading this content for more comprehensive information.

IPS Panel Technology:

IPS remains a thin-film transistor liquid crystal display panel. With better colour accuracy, In-Panel Switching gaming monitors will provide you wider viewing angels. Studies have shown that the technology of LCD and IPS monitors is pretty the same. The liquid crystal pixels in IPS monitors will help to either block or allow light. The pixels often act as a shutter while positioned in the front of a backlight.

In-Panel Switching Monitor Benefits:

1. They are highly responsive due to the FreeSync and G-Sync technologies

2. IPS monitors offer better viewing angles and colour productions

3. These monitors have the capability to offer powerful gray-scale functionality

4. IPS monitors are recommended for users will to do both video/photo editing

5. These monitors also have the capability to enhance your visual experience on gaming

In-Panel Switching Monitor Disadvantages:

1. There is every possibility to experience contrast problems

2. The response times are sometimes lower

3. These monitors are highly expensive

Twisted Nematic Panel Technology:

Among users, the Twisted Nematic panel technology remains the most popular and common. At affordable prices, TN panel monitors can also provide you with faster refresh rates and response. When talking about gaming monitors, the TN panel technology remains the oldest. These monitors draw less power and offer high brightness when combined with LED back-lighting.

Twisted Nematic Monitor Benefits:

1. The Twisted Nematic monitor is basically designed for gaming

2. They are good for gaming due to the feature of short response time

3. Users will get lag-free gaming experience because these monitors come with faster-switching pixels

4. These monitors are cost-effective than other products

5. With low power consumption, these monitors can also produce high brightness

Twisted Nematic Monitor Disadvantages:

1. True colour is not accurate. This is because the colour remains restricted to eighteen bits

2. They are bent or twisted than rotated and crystal fixed at one end

3. There is colour shift at wider viewing angle

IPS vs TN Panel Comparison:

Feature IPS TN
Affordable  No Yes
Color Yes No
Viewing Angles Yes No
Response Time No Yes


The final decision will be dependent on the buyer. IPS monitors will be recommended for buyers that like image quality above responsiveness. TN monitors will be preferred by gamers that are willing to choose responsiveness over image quality. The faster response time makes Twisted Nematic monitors highly preferred by gamers to the IPS option. Buyers can read through the whole content and discover more features to their own preference.

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‘Black Panther’ Sold More Pre-Sale Tickets Than Any Marvel Movie

The ‘Black Panther’ film is the most eagerly awaited Marvel film in history. It sold more advance tickets than any other Marvel film in the first 24 hours. The previous record-holder, Captain America: Civil War opened at an astounding $179 million in May 2016, and featured an epic battle with nearly all the Avengers, but the movie Black Panther overtook it effortlessly.

In a release, Fandago said that tickets for the movie went for sale on the night of January 8, the same day as the film’s latest trailer, and sold more on their site than any other movie in the Marvel-verse within the first 24 hours. The managing editor of Fandago, Erik Davis made the announcement on Twitter, also marveling at the extreme amount of hype that the movie has generated. The opening day sales were so hectic that one of the movie’s stars, Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o couldn’t get tickets to her own movie!

Although the record has only been broken on Fandago, the previous record-holder on this site, Captain America: Civil War did go on to record the highest ticket sales for any Marvel film to date. If the current pre-sale figures are anything to go by, Black Panther is set to smash its opening weekend estimates of $90 million!

Also Read: IPS vs TN Panel Of Gaming Monitor – Which Is Better?

More than just a comic book movie!

Black Panther is riding a breath-taking wave of momentum right now, and it’s proving to be a lot more than just a comic book movie – it’s turning into a bonafide cultural event! Fans are thrilled that Hollywood is finally getting the memo about black experience, and they have proved that the Black Panther movie can’t get here fast enough with the recent ticket sales! Luckily fans won’t have to wait much longer. The film is set for release on February 16, 2018.

Who’s in the movie?

Chadwick Boseman plays T’Challa, the superhero Black Panther who rules over the fictional African nation, Wakanda. The character was first introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War, where he was in the early stages of taking up the Black Panther mantle from his father, T’Chaka, the late warrior king. Excitement for the movie, which is the first standalone film based on King T’Challa, has been building ever since.

Being the first main-stream African superhero, everyone is eagerly waiting to see how director Ryan Coogler will protray Black Panther in his own movie. Ryan Coogler is the talent behind ‘Fruitvale Station’ and ‘Creed’. The film also has an all-star cast which includes Lupita Nyong’o, Daniel Kaluuya, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, and Michael B. Jordan as the murderous Erik Killmonger.

The movie Black Panther will benefit not only from the fact that it has no R restriction, but also from Marvel’s built in audience. In addition to that, the black audience is getting ready to launch Black Panther in a phenomenal way. Judging by the success of movies like ‘Get Out’ and ‘Girl’s Trip’ which have African-American leads, this movie is set to soar to new heights.

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War for the Planet of the Apes : Movie Review

War for the Planet of the Apes is the 3rd series that has been derived from the Planet of The Apes. Directed by Matt Reeves and written by Mark Bomack and Matt Reeves. Its Genre is an action and adventure. The full movie run time is 140 minutes. They tell the story from the point of view of an ape leader Caesar. The apes are computer enhanced that they look human-like. In addition, the apes can speak through sign language. Andy Serkis plays his role as the honorable ape leader to the character whose presence is entirely a motion-capture. Andy has used his expression and voice to be the franchise which is Caesar the Ape.
The film begins when there is a war between the apes and humans. Which is triggered by a very deadly virus that is claiming the human lives. Caesar try’s to put some effort to stop the war between the apes and humans but the Army colonel is ready to get rid of the apes. Four human soldiers are captured and Caesar sends them back with a message that they should leave the forest. This kind of treatment goes ahead to show that the apes have compassion. Soon, Ceasar warning goes on deaf ears when the soldiers are led by Colonel go ahead and ambush the apes when they are asleep. During the confrontation, other apes are killed including Ceasar’s wife and his eldest son.
Caesar tells the apes of a land that is far away from where the humans cant reach them if they go there. It is a place where apes will be able to live in peace. But Caesar refuses to go because he’s on a revenge mission to get back at the army people responsible for the death of his family. Caesar is backed up by Luca a huge gorilla and Maurice an orangutang.
Caesar and his four ape comrades stumbled over a weak blond girl who is an orphan. Caesar is done with his human feelings and kills the girl’s guardian that was trying to protect her. Just in time Maurice the orangutang steps in and insist that they should take the girl with them. If left behind she will die. But Caesar sees her as a burden to carry around as they go on their revenge mission.
The Cast Include:
(1) Andy Serkis as Caesar
(2) Woody Harrelson as Colonel
(3) Steve Zahn as Ape
(4) Toby Kobbel as Koba
The special effects are better than the ape movies from 1979. It also is a war movie on how we should live amongst each other. Caesar is doing what he has to do as the leader of the apes. He tries to negotiate for his apes that were captured by the humans for them to be treated well. We can also see that the apes gave up their lives in exchange for Caeser to be set free. This movie is strong in terms of character, drama, technology, and impact. This movie brings up a lot of self-sacrifices and how someone can be inhuman when feeling rage and hate in their hearts.
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When people went for holidays, Netflix got their team working to bring you the best of the best TV entertainment. On January 1st, Netflix shook the screen with a debut of more than 50 movies.

Currently, an excess of 100 movies has debuted on Netflix. And still there is more than 15 coming. The movies are cutting across all the movie genres. There is drama, comedy, action, series, historical, animations and the list goes on and on.

Get ready for the entertainment bonanza on Netflix this year. It’s surely going to be big and better.

What is being launched today?

Today, Acts of Vengeance (2017) is hitting the Netflix Screen. If you love Action, do not miss it out. It’s about a Lawyer who takes a low profile and sets out on a mission to avenge the death of his wife and daughter.

New Movies to Be launched this Week

26th January will be an all Netflix Original affair. I know the
other movies are originals, but there is an original of originals. These are movies produced by Netflix. Puss in Boots will wow you. Movies to be launched this week include;

Animation Comedy

Netflix is presenting you with the latest release of The Adventures of Puss in Boots.This is a Season 6 Netflix original movie. You will be among the first ones to see this comic adventure if you stream it from Netflix.

Sitcom Comedy

One Day at a Time, a 1980 based sitcom written by Gloria and Mike Royce is up for streaming from 26th Jan. You can watch the unwinding story of a single Latina mom and her teen daughter and tweenager son. See how the old-fashioned grandmother tries to assist her daughter to raise up the siblings.

Series Thriller

Retribution Season 1 is showing from 30 January 2018. You will be served a story of a bomb-making extortionist punishing a dishonest banker for his wrongdoings holding him hostage in his own car. Is it the extortionist also punished? Catch this show for more.

Movies already Showing on Netflix

Comedy Netflix is out to crack your ribs. They’ve got a whole new wide range of comedy shows. . But I am so much intrigued by the Netflix Original comedy. It features Comedians in a Car trying to have Coffee.


If you love Batman, the super human then Netflix’s got you covered. You can stream a range of Batman movies. They have five Batman movies dating from 1989 to 1992. You can watch Batman, Batman & Robin, Batman Begins, Batman Forever and Batman Returns

History – Inspirational

The Ideas of Martin Luther are coming back to life. You can stream this on Netflix. I believe it will be quite informative and inspirational. Check it out how Martin Luther’s ideas have changed the world.

Crime Movies

The Godfather specifically is the movie to watch. This a top rated movie that has worm 3 Oscar awards. Watch how the aging father has organized a crime troop to control his clandestine empire. He wants his son to take after him, but the son is reluctant.

What happens next? You can watch Godfather I, II and III.

Disney Movies

The magic epic movies of Walt Disney are being shown on Netflix this January. You can stream Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and let your kids enjoy the adventure.


You can catch up with your favorite series on Disney. The list below does not represent all of them. It’s just a quick view of what you can try out with. But you can check for more and choose the best.

Episodes: Season 1-5
Rita: Season 4
Colony:Season 2

Sports Action

Disney is bringing to you the”2018 Olympic Winter Games Preview: Meet Team USA & Go for the Gold” feel the fever, and the adrenaline rush in the pitch.

Action Movies

There is a whole new range of action movies on Netflix this January. But I just love Acts of Vengeance. This is a 2017 Production directed by Isaac Florentine. Antonio Banderas, the Lawyer whose wife and daughter has been killed. He has decided to take on a low profile and avenge for their death. This is a wonderful movie.

Final Verdict

Netflix is doing a commendable job to bring you entertainment in the comfort of your room. These are big hit movies. They will lift your mood and chase boredom away. However, take an initiative and select the ones you like and would like to follow early enough.

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Movie Review-12 Strong

Proudly and barely, “12 Strong” is an uplifting news war story, which is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and coordinated by first-time highlight executive Nicolai Fuglsig, of Denmark. He was trained as a photojournalist and canvassed the war in Kosovo.”12 Strong” is an uplifting news story, in which the certainties and workforce constitute an early triumph over the Taliban — not an extensive or enduring one, but rather a triumph regardless. This operation was straightforward, the procedure, confounded. The accused Green Berets of joined Northern Alliance inborn warlords and their troops, battling the Taliban and al-Qaida. The vital early fight included control of the city of Mazar-I-Sharif. With U.S. Aviation based armed forces bombarding backing, and American fighters navigating some amazingly tricky mountain landscape on horseback on the way, the outcomes were unequivocal. Likewise, the optics was astounding. The motion picture incorporates the minute when the-Defense Secretary held up the photo of the “stallion officers” and discovered them exceptionally valuable in offering the beginning times of Afghanistan war.

In 2009, maker Bruckheimer got tightly to life account “Stallion Soldiers.” It took a while; however “12 Strong” has worked out as expected, with New Mexico areas multiplying for Afghan and Uzbek areas. The film was made on a medium-run spending plan. “12 Strong” takes after the creation outline built up by the holding 2013 film “Solitary Survivor,” which portrayed an impossible to win 2005 Navy SEAL operation against the Taliban. The cast of stalwart is driven by Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth. He plays the gathering’s commander. Michael Shannon, in a keenly tweaked turn, who played the role of Warrant Officer Hal Spencer, in light of Bob Pennington. Trevante Rhodes, Michael Pena, Ted Tally the screenwriter and Peter Craig frequently appear to be stranded in a dead zone between semi-narrative reality and consoling Hollywood adage. The relationship which is considered to the important one is amongst Nelson and Gen. The previous’ portrayal is recognizable, as composed and delineated here, Our American Hero, period. Dostum, by differentiating, is the most intriguing component of “12 Strong,” which presumably should’ve included in its title to 13.

Scenes that appear to be fantastical, for example, Dostum driving the Taliban powers by phone minutes before an air strike, really happened. For the content’s motivations, be that as it may, Dostum is there to remind Nelson that he can be more than a fighter; on the off chance that he battles from the heart, he will end up being the warrior this war needs to vanquish their basic enemy. A great part of the activity, as shot by Fuglsig and cinematographer Rasmus Videbaek and altered by Lisa Lassek, supports clear, adrenaline-pumping activity beats and animating, despite seemingly insurmountable opposition triumphs. All through the film, we’re helped to remember the characteristic of battling men on horseback going up against all way of military equipment. It’s not an awful motion picture, the extent that it goes.

As far as setting, however, it goes for all intents and purposes no place. Without a doubt, “Solitary Survivor” remained comparably near to a particular mission, but one with an altogether different result. Yet, that film stayed with you, transferring a more grounded, more genuine feeling of urgency. “12 Strong” is a straight up, an unalloyed shot of film patriotism for the Make America Great Again part of the American motion picture group of onlookers. As demonstrated by, among others, “American Sniper,” that segment is tremendous. “12 Strong” maker Bruckheimer additionally financed “Dark Hawk Down,” a film that influenced war to feel and look instinctively energizing, even at its bloodiest, yet never dismissed the bigger picture and a definitive cost of the equipped clash. While chief Fuglsig prepared as a photojournalist, his film’s activity style owes as much to gaming feel as it does to this present reality. That demeans the genuine bravery. What’s more, the lack of engagement in what came later feels suspicious. Once the Bush organization thought Afghanistan was ready, the disaster in Iraq started. Later, fluctuating assessments put the Taliban’s impact or control of Afghan regions at somewhere in the range of 14 to 45 percent of the nation. Interim, U.S. spending in Afghanistan is nearing the trillion-dollar check; a few specialists put the figure over $2 trillion.

“12 strong” is not doing that great, and the ranking is low on ShowBox, but the movie is worth watching if you are looking for lots of action and drama. No war film can recount more than one essential story and a couple underneath that one. “12 Strong” adheres to the nuts and bolts, without much enthusiasm for the separating specifics of the men included, or anything on a geopolitical scale past the motivation these Special Forces veterans partook in the wake of 9/11. It appears to me a qualified, restricted achievement.

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Lindsay Lohan Continues Her Batgirl Campaign

Lindsay Lohan is determined to play the Batgirl

In the previous week, the star commenced on a campaign in twitter with the aim of requesting her fans to notify director Joss Whedon of her interest in starring as one of the titular character “the Batgirl” in Whedon.

Developing film

The most outstanding campaign strategy that Lindsay used in twitter was by tweeting her image together with that of the DC comic character. Lindsay image tweeted had strong resemblance with that of the DC comic character and thus could have the effect of convincing her fans. However, this step taken by Lindsay was received with mixed reactions from his fans with others viewing it as being too early for Lohan to start campaigning to play as Batgirl.

Previously, the main intention of DC films and Warner Bros to take in Whedon was for him to make the Batgirl film. However, the project had to be stopped for some time due to the withdrawal of Zack Snyder’s from the Project because of personal reasons. The termination of this project thus prompted the director to focus on Justice League which was a different project. This incident gave the DC films a very negative press image which was later corrected by a report from EW who explained that the project on Batgirl is still ongoing as Whedon is still working on the script before its release.

In April last year, Whedon spelled out the script and further gave detailed descriptions of the casting process for the iconic character. He pointed out that, he was not looking for the famous names, famous characters or movie stars to play the role of a Batgirl. Nonetheless, the outstanding character trait he was looking for from the individual who will play the Batgirl role is a person who will be “just right” as derived from the name “Batgirl”. He, therefore, explained that he is creating the Batgirl character by having a dialogue with her to ensure that he is able to find the suitable actress who will be the best fit for this role.

Therefore, based on the outstanding character traits Whedon is looking for to play the Batgirl, it is very clear that Lohan is not the only one interested in playing this role. This is because there are characters who have been able to perform the role of Batgirl and one of them is Barbara Gordon though not the exact one. Moreover, the pitch-perfect star Hailee Steinfeld has also declared her interest through an interview with MTV international where he explained how she would love to play this role given the chance.

Consequently, despite the fact that the film story being developed by Whedon is not yet known, it is clear that every interested individual will strive hard to win this role and be a Batgirl in the new film. Lohan has to be thus able to vigorously campaign and to win the heart of her fans who will be able to recommend her to the director for the role.

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