Lindsay Lohan Continues Her Batgirl Campaign

Lindsay Lohan is determined to play the Batgirl

In the previous week, the star commenced on a campaign in twitter with the aim of requesting her fans to notify director Joss Whedon of her interest in starring as one of the titular character “the Batgirl” in Whedon.

Developing film

The most outstanding campaign strategy that Lindsay used in twitter was by tweeting her image together with that of the DC comic character. Lindsay image tweeted had strong resemblance with that of the DC comic character and thus could have the effect of convincing her fans. However, this step taken by Lindsay was received with mixed reactions from his fans with others viewing it as being too early for Lohan to start campaigning to play as Batgirl.

Previously, the main intention of DC films and Warner Bros to take in Whedon was for him to make the Batgirl film. However, the project had to be stopped for some time due to the withdrawal of Zack Snyder’s from the Project because of personal reasons. The termination of this project thus prompted the director to focus on Justice League which was a different project. This incident gave the DC films a very negative press image which was later corrected by a report from EW who explained that the project on Batgirl is still ongoing as Whedon is still working on the script before its release.

In April last year, Whedon spelled out the script and further gave detailed descriptions of the casting process for the iconic character. He pointed out that, he was not looking for the famous names, famous characters or movie stars to play the role of a Batgirl. Nonetheless, the outstanding character trait he was looking for from the individual who will play the Batgirl role is a person who will be “just right” as derived from the name “Batgirl”. He, therefore, explained that he is creating the Batgirl character by having a dialogue with her to ensure that he is able to find the suitable actress who will be the best fit for this role.

Therefore, based on the outstanding character traits Whedon is looking for to play the Batgirl, it is very clear that Lohan is not the only one interested in playing this role. This is because there are characters who have been able to perform the role of Batgirl and one of them is Barbara Gordon though not the exact one. Moreover, the pitch-perfect star Hailee Steinfeld has also declared her interest through an interview with MTV international where he explained how she would love to play this role given the chance.

Consequently, despite the fact that the film story being developed by Whedon is not yet known, it is clear that every interested individual will strive hard to win this role and be a Batgirl in the new film. Lohan has to be thus able to vigorously campaign and to win the heart of her fans who will be able to recommend her to the director for the role.

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