War for the Planet of the Apes : Movie Review

War for the Planet of the Apes is the 3rd series that has been derived from the Planet of The Apes. Directed by Matt Reeves and written by Mark Bomack and Matt Reeves. Its Genre is an action and adventure. The full movie run time is 140 minutes. They tell the story from the point of view of an ape leader Caesar. The apes are computer enhanced that they look human-like. In addition, the apes can speak through sign language. Andy Serkis plays his role as the honorable ape leader to the character whose presence is entirely a motion-capture. Andy has used his expression and voice to be the franchise which is Caesar the Ape.
The film begins when there is a war between the apes and humans. Which is triggered by a very deadly virus that is claiming the human lives. Caesar try’s to put some effort to stop the war between the apes and humans but the Army colonel is ready to get rid of the apes. Four human soldiers are captured and Caesar sends them back with a message that they should leave the forest. This kind of treatment goes ahead to show that the apes have compassion. Soon, Ceasar warning goes on deaf ears when the soldiers are led by Colonel go ahead and ambush the apes when they are asleep. During the confrontation, other apes are killed including Ceasar’s wife and his eldest son.
Caesar tells the apes of a land that is far away from where the humans cant reach them if they go there. It is a place where apes will be able to live in peace. But Caesar refuses to go because he’s on a revenge mission to get back at the army people responsible for the death of his family. Caesar is backed up by Luca a huge gorilla and Maurice an orangutang.
Caesar and his four ape comrades stumbled over a weak blond girl who is an orphan. Caesar is done with his human feelings and kills the girl’s guardian that was trying to protect her. Just in time Maurice the orangutang steps in and insist that they should take the girl with them. If left behind she will die. But Caesar sees her as a burden to carry around as they go on their revenge mission.
The Cast Include:
(1) Andy Serkis as Caesar
(2) Woody Harrelson as Colonel
(3) Steve Zahn as Ape
(4) Toby Kobbel as Koba
The special effects are better than the ape movies from 1979. It also is a war movie on how we should live amongst each other. Caesar is doing what he has to do as the leader of the apes. He tries to negotiate for his apes that were captured by the humans for them to be treated well. We can also see that the apes gave up their lives in exchange for Caeser to be set free. This movie is strong in terms of character, drama, technology, and impact. This movie brings up a lot of self-sacrifices and how someone can be inhuman when feeling rage and hate in their hearts.

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