When people went for holidays, Netflix got their team working to bring you the best of the best TV entertainment. On January 1st, Netflix shook the screen with a debut of more than 50 movies.

Currently, an excess of 100 movies has debuted on Netflix. And still there is more than 15 coming. The movies are cutting across all the movie genres. There is drama, comedy, action, series, historical, animations and the list goes on and on.

Get ready for the entertainment bonanza on Netflix this year. It’s surely going to be big and better.

What is being launched today?

Today, Acts of Vengeance (2017) is hitting the Netflix Screen. If you love Action, do not miss it out. It’s about a Lawyer who takes a low profile and sets out on a mission to avenge the death of his wife and daughter.

New Movies to Be launched this Week

26th January will be an all Netflix Original affair. I know the
other movies are originals, but there is an original of originals. These are movies produced by Netflix. Puss in Boots will wow you. Movies to be launched this week include;

Animation Comedy

Netflix is presenting you with the latest release of The Adventures of Puss in Boots.This is a Season 6 Netflix original movie. You will be among the first ones to see this comic adventure if you stream it from Netflix.

Sitcom Comedy

One Day at a Time, a 1980 based sitcom written by Gloria and Mike Royce is up for streaming from 26th Jan. You can watch the unwinding story of a single Latina mom and her teen daughter and tweenager son. See how the old-fashioned grandmother tries to assist her daughter to raise up the siblings.

Series Thriller

Retribution Season 1 is showing from 30 January 2018. You will be served a story of a bomb-making extortionist punishing a dishonest banker for his wrongdoings holding him hostage in his own car. Is it the extortionist also punished? Catch this show for more.

Movies already Showing on Netflix

Comedy Netflix is out to crack your ribs. They’ve got a whole new wide range of comedy shows. . But I am so much intrigued by the Netflix Original comedy. It features Comedians in a Car trying to have Coffee.


If you love Batman, the super human then Netflix’s got you covered. You can stream a range of Batman movies. They have five Batman movies dating from 1989 to 1992. You can watch Batman, Batman & Robin, Batman Begins, Batman Forever and Batman Returns

History – Inspirational

The Ideas of Martin Luther are coming back to life. You can stream this on Netflix. I believe it will be quite informative and inspirational. Check it out how Martin Luther’s ideas have changed the world.

Crime Movies

The Godfather specifically is the movie to watch. This a top rated movie that has worm 3 Oscar awards. Watch how the aging father has organized a crime troop to control his clandestine empire. He wants his son to take after him, but the son is reluctant.

What happens next? You can watch Godfather I, II and III.

Disney Movies

The magic epic movies of Walt Disney are being shown on Netflix this January. You can stream Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and let your kids enjoy the adventure.


You can catch up with your favorite series on Disney. The list below does not represent all of them. It’s just a quick view of what you can try out with. But you can check for more and choose the best.

Episodes: Season 1-5
Rita: Season 4
Colony:Season 2

Sports Action

Disney is bringing to you the”2018 Olympic Winter Games Preview: Meet Team USA & Go for the Gold” feel the fever, and the adrenaline rush in the pitch.

Action Movies

There is a whole new range of action movies on Netflix this January. But I just love Acts of Vengeance. This is a 2017 Production directed by Isaac Florentine. Antonio Banderas, the Lawyer whose wife and daughter has been killed. He has decided to take on a low profile and avenge for their death. This is a wonderful movie.

Final Verdict

Netflix is doing a commendable job to bring you entertainment in the comfort of your room. These are big hit movies. They will lift your mood and chase boredom away. However, take an initiative and select the ones you like and would like to follow early enough.

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