5 Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes: A Buyer’s Guide

Decided to live a fit lifestyle through mountain biking? That’s great! Now that you have made the decision and have the willpower to stick to it, the next step would be purchasing the right equipment to keep you comfortable and protected as you ride. And the first piece of equipment you need when biking? The mountain bike of course!

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But with the many types of mountain bikes, what kind of mountain bike should you be purchasing? A hardtail mountain bike is one that has only front shocks, so the suspension is less than compared to a dual/full suspension mountain bike. But that does not mean you should cross this type out on your list! Cyclists have recommended getting a hardtail mountain bike because once you get used to the lack of suspension and rocky feeling, you will be able to ride on easily with any type of bike. Not only that, but it requires less maintenance and is less inexpensive as compared to other types of mountain bikes out there. A hardtail bike is the best mountain bike for beginners who are on a budget, or for the cyclist who prefers simplicity and rides on “softer” trails.

Hardtail mountain bikes also have a vast list of brands and models to choose from, and if you’re on a budget, it makes it difficult to choose the best hardtail mountain bike under 1000. Luckily, there are hardtail mountain bike reviews to base your decision on!

So to lessen the stress of choosing the right bike for you, we did our research. Here is the list….

Top 5 Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes

1. Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Overdrive Hardtail Complete Mountain Bike

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Overdrive Hard Tail Complete Mountain BikeGreat for beginners or serious cyclists, it’s very easy to assemble once it arrives at your doorstep. When they say complete, they mean complete, from the parts of the bike down to the tools it needs in order to assemble it!

Unfortunately, the one thing it doesn’t come with is a kickstand, which can be purchased separately. It’s a lightweight bike that rides great as it’s made of a solid built. And at a good price, it’s definitely worth the buy!


2. Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hardtail Complete Mountain Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain BikeJust like any Diamondback Complete Mountain Bike, it comes with the tools and a set of instructions to assemble the bike yourself. For those just beginning, you can have a bicycle shop or a friend help you out if you aren’t very much on the mechanic side of things.

At a reasonable price, it rides well and gives you comfort as you go biking on roads. Made of solid built and with quality parts, rest assured that it will last for many rides!


3. Upland X90 26-inch Hardtail Mountain Bike

Upland X90 26 Hardtail Mountain BikeThis mountain bike from Upland is a flexible bike built for anyone, may you be beginning or a serious cyclist, or just using this for leisure and transportation. With the complicated parts already assembled, you can easily complete the whole assembly itself and start biking.

It’s great on roads and some hard trails, and with a nice, fun design, you’ll be getting attention from passersby and lot of compliments from family and friends!


4. Schwinn High Timber Hardtail Mountain Bicycle

This is a bike of simple design which is best for beginners, but you may want to get help when assembling, as the parts are mostly not assembled and comes and you may find difficulty in doing so if you aren’t experienced.

But on the plus side, this is a bike that is made of solid aluminium frame and quality materials. It will definitely last for a long time, no matter how hard the trail or weather condition you ride it on!


5. NAVI X580 26-Inch Wheel Hardtail Shimano Acera 24-Speed Mountain Bike

NAVI X580 26 Inch Wheel Hardtail Shimano Acera Mountain BikeThis bike is simple but will give you a smooth and comfortable ride each time you use it. Lightweight with great specs for a hardtail bike, it’s definitely worth the price! It is also able to do the job of getting you to places or for you to burn the excess calories and fat off.

The rear hub is a freewheel. The hydraulic brakes are quick enough and this mountain bike is fun and comfortable to ride.


You will not regret choosing mountain biking as a form of exercise or sport. You will love the feeling of your heart pumping as you pedal your way through tough trails and roads, the wind blowing on your face as you ride downhill! Owning one of the best hardtail mountain bikes will ensure that you are not only getting the proper exercise and comfort, but you are also protected by quality machinery.

You can purchase your own hardtail bike online or in your local athletic store, and maybe you can even get discounts if you purchase one that is second hand but still in good quality! The right fit is out there, so make sure you choose wisely. Once you are a proud owner of a hardtail mountain bike, you can enjoy the exercise and explore your town!

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