5 Best Mountain Bike Pedals: A Buyer’s Guide

Biking is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy. With many health benefits that can increase both your endurance and confidence in the gym or trail, you’ll definitely have a fun time enjoying biking while burning some fat! You can do it anywhere and incorporate it in your daily commute, using your bike to go from home to school or work. You can use it when climbing up mountains or trails outdoors, camping or hiking for the adventurous souls. For those into fitness, you even have stationary bikes you can use in the comforts of your home or gym! A versatile exercise that anyone can do, biking is definitely something you should try out.

best mountain bike pedals

But of course, you must have the proper equipment in order to ensure protection and safety throughout your ride. This does not only mean wearing the proper attire for mountain biking but having the quality parts for your bike, too. The best mountain bike pedals are what you need in order to prevent any injuries from breakage and making sure your feet are in comfort while you enjoy the ride.

With the many types of brands claiming that they have the best, it would be difficult to choose, especially if you’re just beginning! That’s why there are reviews you can check on to base your decision when it comes to choosing the best MTB pedals.

Based on Amazon reviews, here are the top 5 best pedals for mountain bike….

Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Pedals

ImageModelNotable Features Price
XLC Alloy MTB Best Pedal
XLC Alloy MTB Model

Aluminium Body, Lightweight

Schwinn Universal Pedal 1 2 x 9 16 Inch Bike PedalsSchwinn Universal Pedal 1 2 x 9 16 Inch Bike Pedals
Schwinn Universal Pedal

Universal Fit, Reflectors for Increased Visibility

RockBros Bike Pedals Cycling Sealed Bearing Pedals
RockBros Mountain Bike Pedal

Flat Pedals with Aluminium Alloy

Shimano PD M324 Clipless Clip Pedals
Shimano Dual Platform Pedal

Combination Clip/Clipless pedals ideal for multipurpose use


Bonmixc Mountain Bike Pedals

Aluminium Alloy, Lightweight


1. XLC Alloy MTB Pedal

XLC Alloy MTB Best PedalMade of an aluminum body, these open bearing pedals from XLC are heavy duty, lightweight and are definitely durable for the many bike rides you’ll be taking. They help keep a grip on your biking shoes or boots when riding up mountains on your bike.

They even have reflectors for good visibility when riding in dark areas. Good built and made of quality materials, you’ll definitely get the bang for your buck.

2. Schwinn Universal Pedal

Schwinn Universal Pedal 1 2 x 9 16 Inch Bike PedalsSchwinn Universal Pedal 1 2 x 9 16 Inch Bike PedalsThese are a great set of replacement pedals if yours have already been worn out. Quality is good and the pedals are solidly built, but make sure that the reflectors are well glued in to avoid them from falling off during the ride!

Easy to install and at a low price, it’s a good investment for your bike if you would want to save the money for buying a whole new mountain bike!

3. RockBros Mountain Bike Pedal

RockBros Bike Pedals Cycling Sealed Bearing PedalsLightweight and spins well, these pedals are pretty good in both looks and features. These have a wide pedaling surface, which is perfect for those with big feet.

An inexpensive alternative to mid-priced pedals, these will do the trick in keeping your feet’s grip with the pedal as you bike, no matter how hard you go.

4. Shimano Dual Platform Pedal

Shimano PD M324 Clipless Clip PedalsThese are clip pedals that would give more power than regular flat pedals, where your shoes are locked into the pedals for an easier ride. No need to worry about the grip! These pedals are great because you have the option to ride clipped or clipless.

Best for mountain bikes as well as hybrids, you can easily install them. The only downside is that they aren’t isn’t as lightweight as other pedals. But at a good price, it’s worth the buy.

5. Bonmixc Mountain Bike Pedals

For those who love the color blue, these mountain bike pedals are for you! Nicely designed and at a wider size for those with bigger feet, many have commended it for its fantastic grip on your feet.

Lightweight and easy to install, these are worth the price as they are inexpensive and make good replacements or upgrades for your bike. It’s also very easy to wash the mud off if you happen to be biking in fairly intense trails.

And there you have it! Whether you’re looking for the best flat pedals or best clipless pedals for mountain biking, you will surely find one adequate for your wants and needs as long as you do the right research and take your time instead of choosing the first one you see. You can easily find and purchase these pedals in your local sports outlet or online, where you can strike some great deals and discounts along the way. Getting the proper equipment for your mountain bike is vital for protection and comfort on your side, so make sure you choose wisely. That way, you can rest assured that you will have fun enjoying the thrill of mountain biking!

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