Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax Cast Iron Router Table Extension Review

First impressions

If you don’t have the space required for a full-sized router table, then the Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax could be perfect for you. The first thing we have noticed is the size. This machine was made for those of you who want a high-quality router table, but don’t have enough space in your workshop.

Another easily noticeable thing is that this router table has a cast iron flat table top. This means that the chances of the table top becoming warped over time are slim to none.

The Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax is an extension table for your table saw, and you might be wondering whether it will fit your saw.

Short answer – most likely yes. But, if you would like to make sure to measure the distance of the platform from front to back. If you get 27 inches on your saw, you don’t need to worry whether the Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax will fit your saw.

Design & Functionality

One of the positive sides of using the Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax is that you can use it almost anywhere since it is very portable. It weighs 60.8 pounds, and its measurements are 32.2 x 21.7 x 5.1 inches. This is pretty good considering the weight of the cast iron table top.

ProFence, which comes with the table, has plenty of excellently designed features. We liked the ability to dismount it quickly and hang it on the provided j-hooks the most.

This shows us that it gives us plenty of space for our saw. Running out of space never seemed to be a problem with this router table.

We have mentioned that you will be able to fit this model on all contractor-grade table saws, but there is just one tiny problem. If you are using a cabinet-grade table, you will only be able to install the Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax as a right extension, so keep that in your mind before making a purchase.

The Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax comes with a heavy-duty bit guard with an extremely efficient dust collection system. The dust collection system ensures that your workshop will stay clean, and it helps with your safety while you’re working.

We also have to note that the process of installation isn’t complicated since it only took us around 20 minutes to complete it.


The fence on the Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax is built from one piece of machined aluminum, and it is very precise. The dual fence slot configuration makes it easy to move the fence leaving you with more space to work with. MDF sub-fences accompany the ProFence, and they help out with the support and the alignment capabilities of this model.

You will have no problems with fitting them. ProFence saves the time and helps with accurate cuts and measurements.

Final Words

If you are a professional woodworker who wants a good addition to the workshop with a budget around $350, then the Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax is the right router table for you. If you need something that will last you a long time, but you also want it to be versatile and portable, then give the 40-102 ProMax ago.


  • Constructed from cast – Iron which makes it very sturdy. It also contributes to reducing the vibrations which in the end results in more accurate cuts.
  • Portable – The Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax is pretty small and light-weight. You will easily be able to move it around, and it will easily fit small spaces.
  • Supports many table saws – If you own a popular brand of a table saw, you can be sure that it is compatible with the Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax.


  • No router plate – You do not receive a router plate with the Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax, you will have to buy the ProPlate separately.
  • Doesn’t support left – tilt cabinet-grade table saws.

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