Best Mountain Bikes 2020: Reviews, Ratings and Comparisons

Mountain biking is one of the best exercises to do as you get to be one with nature and experience the thrill (and burn!) of riding through the trail. It’s very easy to learn and pick up the sport, but preparing for it is the difficult task! This means choosing one of the best mountain bikescomfortable shortsbest mountain bike helmets for your protection and best tiresshoes and pedals for the quality of the ride. There are many factors one must consider when choosing the best for himself or his loved ones because there isn’t just one universal bike for everyone out there!

best mountain bikes

Because of the many top mountain bikes to choose from, a beginner would feel pressured or confused! Many brands claim that they have the top rated mountain bikes, which makes it worse for customers to choose from. That is why it’s best to get a good mountain bikes buyer’s guide like this one and be knowledgeable with the best mountain bike brands to check out. That way, you won’t waste time looking for every brand, and you won’t look confused when entering the store! It’s recommended to look through the top 10 mountain bike brands to get a good glimpse of what you should be getting. After all, you wouldn’t want to be using something that isn’t stable or known.

It isn’t difficult searching for the best mountain bike brands, as it only takes a few clicks to get it online, as well as a list of features it has with customer reviews! It won’t take any time and effort at all, and plus it’s right in the comforts of your own home. It’s best to consider your list of choices from good mountain bike brands to avoid getting anything flimsy that can be a waste of money and can injure you while riding!

Not only that, but there are other things to consider, such as where you will be using it, the purpose of the mountain bike, or budget and design as well. These are important in order for you to feel comfort and safety throughout your ride, as well as getting a sturdy frame that will last long. Biking is also an investment, so it’s best to spend your money wisely, rather than to get the first mountain bike you see just to get things over with. Investing a bit of money and time in choosing your mountain bike is important!

So you need to be a bit more knowledgeable and get a good basis on the mountain bike you should be getting. Here are five of the top ten mountain bikes to check out:

Top 5 Best Mountain Bikes For Sale

ImageModelNotable FeaturesPrice
BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike
BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike

Carbon Fiber Frame, Fork Suspension

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Tess 24 Complete Hard Tail Mountain Bike
Diamondback Bicycles Hardtail Tess 24

High tensile steel frame, Durable Suspension

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Mens Dual Suspension Mountain Bike
Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

Dual Suspension Frame, High Profile Rims

Merax Finiss 26 Inch Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike
Merax Finniss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike

Aluminum Mountain Frame, Lightweight


Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Adjustable Suspension, Easy to Use Shifters



1. BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike

BEIOU-Carbon-Fiber-650B-Mountain-BikeThe BEIOU mountain bike will need to be assembled when bought, so if you aren’t a very mechanical person, it’s best to have it assembled from your local bike shop. But for those who are more of a do-it-yourself, it’s actually pretty easy and won’t take an hour or so. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any instruction manual, so you will have to figure it out yourself, but again, easy to pick up and assemble despite that fact.

When riding it, there’s no limit to where you want to bike. Hard or easy trail, the bike is sturdy and will be able to withstand even the most complicated of trails, so long as you get an extra accessory for the seat, as it can get a bit bumpy and hard on the buttocks area!

It also comes in two different colors and in a nice design: Choose from black or a combination of white and red! This is a great and sturdy bike that will last for long. With a price that can compete with top brands, it’s definitely worth the purchase.


  • Bike Material: Toray T800 Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 11.8 kilograms
  • Wheel Size: 29er
  • Brake System: Dual Hydraulic Disk Braking

2. Diamondback Bicycles Hard-tail Tess 24

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Tess 24 Complete Hard Tail Mountain BikeThis bike is perfect for beginners, kids to be specific. It’s an entry level bike with a suspension fork and strong frame to withstand the trails. The front shock isn’t that impressive, but it can absorb small jumps during an intense ride and still keep you at a good comfort level. As for assembly, unless you are well acquainted with bike assembly, it’s best to take it to a bike shop for tuning and assembly, as the instruction manual included is a bit confusing. The complicated parts have already been assembled though, so if you want to do it yourself, it may take just less than an hour once you pick it up. There is no kickstand included with the package, so be sure to buy one if you’re planning to camp or take it out and leave it in certain areas.

Your kid will definitely be happy with the bike as you and your family ride through easy trails. A sturdy bike that will endure trails, your child will hone their skill and love for the nature and sport with this bike. And the price is just about right for what you will be receiving.


  • Bike Material: TDB Hi-Ten steel frame
  • Weight: 38 pounds
  • Wheel Size: 24-inches
  • Brake System: Linear pull brakes

3. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Mens Dual Suspension Mountain BikeWhether you’ll be going uphill on simple trails or downhill, this is a great bike to get as it’s right on the money with a good quality build. It’s very easy to assemble, but if you aren’t familiar with the mechanical side of bikes, it’s best to have it tuned to your suitability in a bike shop. These are for the casual rider or the beginner about to pick up the sport. It isn’t the best when on complicated trails, but it gets the job done in keeping you fit and getting you to places.

Whether you’re getting it for a teenager or adult, they will appreciate the solid build and the comfort in riding. For its price, you wouldn’t expect a lot, but it has a lot of features that make it an effective mountain bike: Lightweight, durable, and at a good design, it’s worth the purchase.


  • Bike Material: Schwinn Aluminum Full Suspension Frame
  • Weight: 43 pounds
  • Wheel Size: 26-inches
  • Brake System: Front disc brake and rear allow V-brake

4. Merax Finniss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike

Merax Finiss 26 Inch Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain BikeAt under $300, this is definitely a good deal for a hardtail mountain bike. While it isn’t the most stable when riding in complicated trails, it still gets you going while keeping you comfortable and preventing you from falling. Assembly-wise, you will be able to install it yourself with or without the use of the manuals. It takes more or less than half an hour, really!

It comes with a kickstand that’s already installed on the bike, which makes it very convenient. It’s lightweight and speedy, and you won’t be disappointed with the purchase. It’s suggested to adjust the disc brakes to how you want it before taking it out for a ride to avoid it from rubbing against each other. So long as you adjust it to your liking, it will be able to do what a pricier bike can, and with a classic design that comes with different colors, you’ll definitely enjoy it.


  • Bike Material: Heat-Treated Aluminum Frame
  • Weight: 57 pounds
  • Wheel Size: 26-inches
  • Brake System: Front and rear mechanical disc brakes

5. Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Almost just $300, you get what you pay for and more. This is your basic entry level mountain bike that’s best for beginners or teenagers about to start mountain biking. It only takes less than an hour to assemble, and considering the price, it’s very sturdy and made to last. Also, make sure that when assembling, tighten everything before using it. It’s best as a bike for casual or trail biking, not for stunts! If you are one who wants an upgrade and go for more complicated trails, it’s best to upgrade the tires. But even without the upgrade, it can withstand pretty intense trails, too.

Although its parts aren’t made of the best, it gets the job done in bringing you to places and helping you burn fat without the risk of injury. It’s a good investment that’s built to last for long, so if you choose to upgrade, you can give this to someone else with no fear of it breaking down anytime soon! This is also great for recreation, so whether it’s for a preteen or an adult who wants to get to places or ride simple trails during their spare time, this is definitely a bike for you.


  • Bike Material: Aluminum Frame
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Wheel Size: 26-inches
  • Brake System: Front and rear disc brakes

6. Yiilove Electric Mountain Bike

Electric mountain bikes are all the rage, and the Yiilove Electric Mountain Bike offers amazing features and convenience. It’s made with the high-quality aluminum alloy, with the strong and durable construction I can see made to last. Furthermore, it has the excellent power to allow you to either use without having to pedal or to customize your riding experience.

I was so amused using this electric bike because it gave me the convenience to travel around without overexerting myself. It’s simple, responds quickly, and for its price, you really do get what you pay for and more! It’s best for those who want to travel to work using a bike without sweat.



  • Bike Material: Aluminum Frame
  • Weight: 55 pounds
  • Wheel Size: 26-inches
  • Brake System: Front aluminum alloy V-brake

7. Aceshin Electric Mountain Bike

The Aceshin Electric Mountain Bike offers more power as you cruise around any type of terrain. Having a variety of power, sizes, and fit, you’re able to find the best one suitable for your size. I love the fact that it has the lightweight properties and strong material, which can withstand any terrain or weather condition.

Furthermore, the bike itself has such strong power and the long battery life to withstand a full day’s ride. You only need to charge it for four to six hours! The 21-speed transmission and the grippy wheels also make it a great choice for trail rides and the like. Definitely a combination of convenience and easier rides for anyone.


  • Bike Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight: 44 pounds
  • Wheel Size: 26-inches
  • Brake System: Front and rear disc brake

8. Murtisol Mountain Bike

If you’re looking for something heavy-duty and really meant for the toughest and most intense rides, you’ll appreciate the Murtisol Mountain Bike. This is a hybrid bike that offers full suspension and the amazing quality wheels, which grip to the terrain and avoid it from slipping regardless of how muddy or wet the ground is.

It’s very comfortable to ride with, having the thick wheels and the derailleur to easily shift with precision. The suspension is also strong enough to smoothen out the ride, and the vibration has really minimized. At such an affordable price with better smoothness, this is great for long-distance rides on easy to moderate terrain. It’s best for those who are a bit shorter the 5’9, though!



  • Bike Material: Aluminum Frame
  • Weight: 36 pounds
  • Wheel Size: 26-inches
  • Brake System: Power steel v-brakes

9. ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

For those who are always on-the-go and want something easy to transport and bring around, you’ll like the ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike. This one is very easy to fold and is pretty lightweight, considering it’s an electric bike with battery. As for its riding experience, it’s smooth enough for the price and extra features it has to offer.

While it isn’t the smoothest ride ever, I commend it for its strong wheels and the durability for various settings. I can see it for lasting for a few years even with daily intense use. All in all, a good purchase if you want an economical ride to work or when running errands.


  • Bike Material: Aluminum Frame
  • Weight: 60 pounds
  • Wheel Size: 26-inches
  • Brake System: Front and rear disc brakes

10. Roadmaster Granite Peak Bike

I highly recommend the Roadmaster Bike for those on a pretty tight budget. Even I was shocked by how affordable the bike was, though you do have to take note that you get what you pay for with this bike. While it’s strong enough for road or other smoother terrain, I don’t recommend it on extremely rough terrain and trails, though it still holds up well with just minimal vibration.

This is a cheap bike with more strength that you’d expect, having the simple design and the wheels with adequate traction. This is best for those who are between 5’5 to 5’9, handling heavy weights without easily damaging it. It’s enough for something to exercise with or for short travels.



  • Bike Material: Steel Mountain Frame
  • Weight: 60 pounds
  • Wheel Size: 26-inches
  • Brake System: Front and rear linear pull brakes

11. Merax Falcon Mountain Bike

Another affordable bike, the Merax Falcon offers the mix of everything in good quality, from its excellent suspension and the strength to last on just about all types of trails. It has the dual suspension which smoothens out any bumps when biking on trails, also having better control as you ride.

Besides this, it has a bright design with the unique Merax logo for a professional look. It’s a great entry level mountain bike to ride with as a beginner, feeling no vibration as you ride whatsoever. I love its simplicity and do enjoy its versatility and purposefulness in most settings, from going to work or climbing mountains.


  • Bike Material: Steel Alloy Frame
  • Weight: 39 pounds
  • Wheel Size: 26-inches
  • Brake System: Linear Pull brakes

12. EUROBIKE EURX9 Mountain Bike

While the EUROBIKE EURX9 Mountain Bike may come at a more expensive price than most people expect, you get professionalism at its finest. This is one of the ultimate mountain bikes many athletes and pro-bikers will love, having the extremely robust magnesium alloy wheels and the durable frame to withstand just about anything.

Plus, it comes with the unique Shimano gears, which offer the smooth ride and the reliable shifting, responding quickly as you change up. The brake also works well and just like the gears, act quickly when used. Everything about this bike operates smoothly and I can ride fast and hard without a hitch, enjoying my climbs, even on mud!


  • Bike Material: Aluminum Frame
  • Weight: 34 pounds
  • Wheel Size: 29-inches
  • Brake System: Dual Disc brakes

13. Outroad Mountain Bike

For the tough terrain and any climb with foldability and compact feature in mind, the Outroad Mountain Bike is best recommended. This is the ultimate folding mountain bike that offers the combination of excellent traction on the trail while still being strong enough to respond to your gear shifting and brakes. It has the 6-spoke fashion rims to make it even safer to ride fast, as well as the comfortability as you sit and ride smoothly.

However, it’s really the excellent folding feature that takes the cake, as it’s both lightweight and easy to fold or assemble, making it THE mountain bike for roads, camping, and long excursions.


  • Bike Material: High Carbon Steel Frame
  • Weight: 34 pounds
  • Wheel Size: 26-inches
  • Brake System: Front and rear disc brakes

14. Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike

Mongoose is really known for their excellent bikes, with the Impasse Mountain Bike being no exception. It’s made with the aluminum suspension frame and the Shimano derailleur, along with extra features such as the twist shifters and the element suspension fork, which smoothens out all bumps and rough terrain, all the while changing gears without any issue.

I love how it responds fast as you brake, shift gears, or quickens its pace as you pedal harder. It’s a great bike to use when on the road or mountains, and honestly, climbing via bike has never been easier because of the hassle-free gear shifting.


  • Bike Material: Aluminum Suspension Frame
  • Weight: 48 pounds
  • Wheel Size: 29-inches
  • Brake System: Alloy front and rear disc brakes

15. Mongoose R4054WMC Ledge Bike

Another one from Mongoose, the R4054WMC Ledge is the more affordable version, suited for those on a budget but want a trusted brand. I really appreciate the fact that it has most of the features you would find from more expensive molds, including the twist shifters, full-suspension, as well as the smooth shifting and brakes that act quickly as soon as you use them.

The rides are smooth enough and are still bearable, though I would be wary when on muddy or wet terrain. Other than that, you’ll be enjoying this mountain bike for a long time and with no trouble in maintenance.


  • Bike Material: Aluminum Suspension Frame
  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • Wheel Size: 27.5-inches
  • Brake System: Front and rear linear pull brakes

How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike

Besides learning about the different types of mountain bikes available, you also have to make sure that you look into other different factors. With that being said, how will you know what’s important to consider according to your individual needs? Here’s a helpful guide with the important factors to look into!

  1. The Suspension

There are different types of bike suspensions to choose from, such as:

Rigid- This isn’t the most common type, as this features NO suspension at all. Because of the, they’re easier to maintain and come at a more affordable price compared to other types, though not as comfortable as a bike with a suspension. Usually, it’s the fat bikes that are rigid since the wide tires and its low tire pressure that absorbs the shock of rough terrain.

Hardtail- These have a suspension fork located in the front, which absorbs impact on the bike’s front wheel. But, the bike’s rear has no suspension and are more affordable than full-suspension ones. They also are easier to maintain and can lock out if you prefer a rigid bike.

Full suspension- There are a variety of full-suspension bikes, but it all boils down to having both a front fork and rear shock, which absorbs all shock wherever you are. This reduces the rider’s impact, helps with traction, and provides a smoother ride.

  1. Wheel Size

The wheel size is actually extremely important, even just one inch can affect your ride!

  • 24-inches are best for kid’s mountain bikes.
  • 26-inches are the standard size, though a thing of the past.
  • 27.5-inches are the middle ground between the 26 and 29-inch bikes, having the best of both wheel sizes. It rolls easier but has more maneuver.
  • 29ers, or 29-inches, are slower as you want to accelerate, but it gets easier to move compared to the old classic 26-inch wheels.
  • 27.5+ inches are extra-wide wheels or tires, having more width. This offers a more comfortable ride with less rolling resistance.
  1. Frame Material

The material frame of the bike can affect its weight, lifespan, strength, price, and the quality of your ride.

One of the most common materials is an aluminum alloy, which is made for mountain bike frames. The ones that are more expensive offer lighter aluminum frames with better quality and strength.

There are also other materials such as carbon fiber, stew, and titanium.

  • Steel is strong and cheap, offering a smooth ride but is a bit heavier for mountain bikes.
  • Titanium is lighter and strong, but the most expensive of the bunch.
  • Carbon fiber is best for cross-country bikes and common, found in fat bikes or all-mountain bikes and the high-end trails. But it’s still relatively expensive!
  1. Bike Gears

You compute the number of bike gears by how many front chainrings are multiplied by the number of the sprockets in its cassette. They are available with a range from a single speed up to over 30 gears. However, it does get more complex when factoring in the combo of cogs and chainrings, as well as the number of teeth.

To simply put it, the crucial thing to consider is your fitness level, as well as the terrain you’re riding on. For those who ride on steep hills and challenging climbs, choose one with more gears. As for strong bikers or those who ride on flatter terrain, go for lower gears to keep the mountain bike lighter.

Fortunately, you can adjust the bike gearing and modify as you go, so this isn’t the most important factor to look into.

  1. Bike Brakes

Disc brakes have brake pads you can grip on brake rotors, which are mounted on its wheel hub. These have replaced the usual rim brakes, which are now just found on entry-level bikes.

Under disc brakes, you can choose between a hydraulic disc brake, which has more progressive and even stronger braking without much effort, adjusting by itself. Or, a cable-activated brake which requires manual adjusting since the pads would wear.

Rim brakes are still found on entry-level bikes, as mentioned above. They are advantageous as it has consistent braking in any condition and is cheaper when replacing. However, it’s tough to inspect the pad wear and to replace it.

As for disc brakes, they are more economical and easier to maintain and observe. However, it can wear out its wheel rim, requiring wheel replacement. It also has less stopping power and not as good on wet terrain, needing more finger effort.

  1. The Fit and Size

Of course, you’ll need to make sure that the bike you choose is fit for your height and weight. A good-fitting bike will be able to improve the way you handle the ride, regardless of the weather or how intense you ride.

You’ll need to take account your height and weight when choosing a bike, which comes in standard sizes (S, M, L). These correspond to your height and some manufacturers have different sizing standards, so you’ll need to check the size charts to see what’s best for you.

Taking a test ride or going to a bike store can really help you out! You might also want to consider getting a foldable bike for ease of transport or storage.

  1. Ease of Maintenance

It’s best to have a bike made of the durable construction and materials, also having the ease of maintenance. You wouldn’t want to keep spending on repairs and part replacement!

With that being said, I recommend that you get a bike with all the essentials required for both repair and maintenance. Also, the bike should have a warranty by the manufacturer in case of any damage or breakage you had no fault in.

Besides this, it’s best recommended to have a bike that’s easy to clean regularly, having the material which doesn’t streak when wiped down and with the ease of taking parts out as needed. This makes cleaning and repair much easier!

Now that you are acquainted with the best mountain bikes, you should know some basics of the MTB bikes before making your final decision!

You are able to purchase different types of bikes online, or in your local sports store. Depending on your budget and where you ride, there are tons of brands to choose from, making it confusing for the first timer to purchase just one, or to purchase one at all! This is where the advice of a professional or feedback from other users matter, but since you will be using the bike, it’s best to be acquainted with the different types of good mountain bikes in order to know what you want and need for your rides. Here are the following….

Types of mountain bikes to choose from

Cross country mountain bikes

These are the most common type of mountain bike you’ll see, being the most popular one bought by bikers. They are lightweight and speedy, usually about $1000, depending on what brand you’re getting. The “advanced” bikes can go for a whopping $8000! Under this is two subcategories, namely:

  1. Race bikes – Great for racing because of it being lightweight, these are designed to go as fast as possible with it being built to have your weight pushed forward for maximum speed and effort. Not for jumping, but good when turning in sharp corners.
  2. Trail bikes – A bit heavier than the former, these are perfect for trails around forests or outdoors, able to withstand any type of ground. These are the more popular types of cross country mountain bikes.

All mountain/Enduro mountain bikes

These are similar to cross mountain bikes, but they are stronger and more durable with a good suspension. The difference is the fact that this type of bike is more stable on harder ground and more complicated trails. Heavier but more sturdy, these are the best choice for those who are confused as to what type of mountain bike they should get.

Downhill mountain bikes

Just like what the name suggests, these are for riding downhill at a good speed. Great for daredevils who aren’t afraid or with good health insurance, these are stable with a lot of features that will help protect the rider from falling when riding downhill. It can withstand the toughest of trails, but it’s not recommended to use this bike uphill. Not only that, but it’s pretty expensive.

Freeride mountain bikes

Similar to downhill mountain bikes but lighter, these are great for doing tricks and stunts, with a flexible frame. But it also isn’t recommended to use it uphill.

Dirt jump mountain bikes

A combination of freeride and cross mountain bikes, these are for what you call it: Jumping. With only a front suspension, these are perfect for aerial stunts for the daredevil in you!

Hopefully, the types and brands of mountain bikes will be able to help you make your decision in what you want and need to get for your trail ride. Whether you want to do stunts or just bike around nature, you’ll be able to get the right bike as long as you take your time in being knowledgeable and choosing the right bike for you! Refer to this video for more help:


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