Best RFID Blocking Wallet for Men and Women 2020

The security of personal as well as financial information has become a challenge in the modern era. Digital innovation has enabled electrical thieves to steal this information without touch. These tech-savvy thieves use RFID scanners to copy this information and make a clone of your credit card, passport, or even national identity card. It has provoked manufacturers to introduce RFID blocking wallets. RFID scanners fail to scan the cards kept in RFID blocking wallets.

What is an RFID-Blocking Wallet?

It is a wallet that interferes with the radio waves coming from an RFID scanner to protect your vulnerable information. RFID wallet encases your cards and prevents communication through electromagnetic fields. Different wallets have different features but similar RFID technology. Therefore, avoid spending much time and money on evaluating these wallets.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying an RFID-Blocking Wallet

The selection of the best RFID wallet is much difficult because of the availability of many in the market. You should always keep the following things in mind to buy the best RFID blocking wallet.

1. Form

The first thing to consider before buying a wallet is the form. Different forms of wallets suit the needs of different people. The most important types of RFID wallets are classic wallets, front pocket wallets, sleeves, passport wallets, phone wallets, and money clips. Bifold wallets and trifold wallets are also varieties of traditional wallets. Always buy the one that suits your needs in its form and shape.

2. Storage

Wallet storage makes it useful for different people. Some need an RFID blocking wallet for storage of cash or card, while others require a coin pocket and an ID window in it also. Always prefer buying the one with multiple card slots, a coin pocket, picture sleeves, and an ID window. Your lifestyle also determines the storage needed for you to protect your inventory.

3. Material

Different manufacturers use different materials for making these wallets. Usually, leather, aluminum, carbon fiber, and canvas are used to make these wallets. You can also buy wallets made of genuine leather, full-grain leather, and top grain leather. The main objective behind using these materials is to interfere with the radio waves to block communication with RFID sensors. You should also be knowledgeable about the linings used in different wallets. Most brands use copper, nickel, and lead lining for enhanced security of your cards.

4. Brand

The brand name is another factor to consider before buying an RFID wallet. Here, it is worth mentioning that wallets from top brands do not have RFID blocking features. However, wallets from mid-tier brands are equipped with this feature.

5. Pricing

Last but not least factor that affects your buying decision is the pricing of wallets. There is a little variation in the prices of wallets made from different brands. You will get various options both in cheap and costly wallets. Avoid spending much on wallets because many cheap wallets also have RFID blocking feature. The best RFID blocking wallet may cost around $100.

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Best RFID-Blocking Wallets For Both Men and Women

Keeping in view the above factors, the following are the best RFID blocking wallets that you can purchase.

1. Bryker Bifold RFID Wallet Hyde

Best RFID Wallet

It is one of the best wallets made of pebble leather that gives you ultimate security against digital pirates. Bryker Hyde wallet is equipped with innovative RFID technology that blocks low radio frequencies and makes it the best RFID blocking wallet for men. The nine card slots and two ID windows allow for quick access during travel and also during shopping. Due to the softness of the leather and ideal dimensions, it can fit any of your pockets easily. The manufacturer has combined practicality with security and offers a 100% money back guaranty against any digital theft. The innovative technology used in this wallet blocks the frequency between 10MHz to 3000MHz. Most of the cards use 13.56MHz frequency that falls in its range.

2. Fossil Men’s Derrick Leather RFID Blocking Wallet

If you want to buy a stylish wallet made of quality material, Fossil Men’s wallet should be your choice. The wallet is available in many designs and color options. It has two ID windows, two slide pockets, and a bill compartment. This men’s wallet from Fossil is made of 100% cowhide leather and has eight card slots. It means that you can save all your credit cards, ID card, passport, and other cards from hackers. The company claims that the irregularly polished and tainted surface of this wallet becomes better over time. The dimension of this wallet makes it ideal for men on the go. Communication with RFID scanners is interrupted by man-made lining in this wallet.

3. Serman Brands RFID Blocking Wallet with Money Clip

Executive looks, quality leather, and minimalistic design make it the best RFID blocking wallet for men. SERMAN brand is a California brand famous for launching executive style and quality products. It is available in eight colors and can easily match your coat, bag, or briefcase. The use of finest grain genuine leather gives it a classic cool look. There are a money clip, an ID window and a front pocket for holding cards. It means that you do not have to search inside or flip to locate mostly used cards. The RFID technology used in this RFID blocking wallet is much advanced as compared to other wallets. It is well capable of blocking radio frequency of 13.56MHz or higher. Even, devices with NFC cannot communicate with your cards stored in this wallet. Without getting bulky and inconvenient, it can store 6-8 cards to save your valuable information.

4. The Best RFID Blocking Large Capacity Wallet

If you want plenty of space to store your cards, money, and other valuable information, always go for this RFID blocking wallet. The three full-length cash sleeves, a snap-together pocket, and a zippered area for the phone make it the best RFID blocking wallet for women. It is available in more than 30 colors making it ideal for non-minimalists. There are 21 dedicated card slots to save these from RFID scanners and NFC enabled devices. It has a scratch-resistant exterior made of grain leather with a wax finish. The dimension of this multifunctional wallet makes it easy to hold in hands while on the go. This wallet comes with 12 months money-back guaranty from the manufacturer.

5. Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet

Lower price, slim and minimalistic design, and easy handling make it the best RFID blocking wallet for women because they do not carry around a lot of cash or cards. Being a front pocket wallet, it is ideal for light travelers. It is made of 100% genuine leather with RFID technology embedded and is available in 36 colors. Most women like this wallet because it has a small compartment for storing money. Moreover, there is an ID window and 6 card slots.

6. Clifton Heritage Men’s RFID Wallet

Clifton Heritage Men’s RFID wallet is a slim wallet with much storage space. This classic wallet comes with 9 card slots, an ID window, two separate compartments for documents and money and is available in different colors. It is equipped with advanced RFID technology that blocks the radio frequency waves of 13.56MHz and above. It also protects your sensitive information from NFC enabled devices. The company also offers a 1-year money back guaranty. It is made of 100% genuine cowhide leather sewed artistically for longevity.

7. Alpine Swiss Men’s RFID Blocking Multicard Bifold Wallet

Crafted from the finest quality genuine leather Alpine Swiss Bifold wallet is the choice of those people who want comfortable storage space in a compact design. It can easily resist wear and tear, saving your sensitive information from RFID scanners. There are ten card pockets, an ID window, and a wide cash slot. You can also store documents in the cash slot or interior side pockets. The dimension of this RFID blocking wallet makes it the right fit for jeans pockets. RFID technology used in this wallet secures your cards from digital thefts at the proximity of 125 kHz. It can block the radio waves of frequency 13.56MHz or higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features the best RFID blocking wallet must-have?
It should have maximum card slots along with ID window and separate compartments for money and documents. There should also be a zipper storage space for a phone.
Do you recommend a wallet with a phone charger?
Some wallets come with power banks that are useful for charging mobile phones while on the go. We recommend using this wallet because of this peculiar feature.
Are there separate wallets for keys and chains?
Many of the most commonly used wallets have key holders to place your car keys or house keys. RFID wallets recommended for women also come with key holders. Some wallets also have stainless steel chain.
Is the wallet with a zipper worth buying?
Absolutely yes, a wallet with zipper is worth buying because of the enhanced security of your valuable information. Most of the people prefer buying wallets that are protected with a zipper as a whole.
Should a wallet have a shoulder strap and magnetic closure?
Women always prefer using wallets with shoulder strap and magnetic closure for easy handling.

Our Verdict

For the ultimate safety of your identity information and credit card theft, the best RFID blocking wallet is a must-have gadget nowadays. SERMAN BRAND RFID blocking wallet is the best of all because it comes with a money clip. Moreover, the company offers 12 months money back guaranty if you are not satisfied with the security features. It is equipped with advanced RFID technology embedded in unique material to block RFID signals of 13.56MHz or greater. It also protects your cards from NFC enabled mobile devices. The quick access ID window relieves you from searching side pockets or inside the wallet for frequently used cards. Its slim size makes it the first choice of men because they can easily keep it in jeans pockets. The exterior of this wallet is made of patent leather that can resist scratches. It is also available in many colors to make it compatible with your coat, bag, or another storage place.

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