Bosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table

First Impressions

Setup is extremely easy because all of the cabinet parts are pre-drilled. This means that it is possible to setup this router table in 30 minutes or less. The Bosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table has a good balance between size and portability. It is large enough to handle most of the woodworking shops, but it is also compact enough to fit a small workshop.

This router table is constructed out of 3/4″-thick laminate covered MDF, but the top is over 1 1/8″-thick. This ensures us that it is more than stable during use. On the rear face, we notice the dust collection port which works wonders in keeping your work environment clean.

What’s Inside?

The Bosch RA1171 comes with everything needed to start woodworking. Straight out of the box we notice an adjustable clear guard, three mounting plate insert rings, starter pin and guard, two adjustable featherboards, two 1/16-inch outfeed fence shims, and a heavy-duty 15 Amp switch with overload protection.

As soon as you set everything up, you are free to start working on a project.

Fence System

People working at Bosch know the importance of a fence system, and it shows with the RA1171 model. The face received with this router table is large, square, and adjustable. The fence is also removable to allow you to work with larger workpieces. You will be glad to know that all of the fence functions are controlled with finger-operated knobs.

To further show us how much Bosch values a good fence system, they have included a pair of 1/16″ thick shims which turn the RA1171 into a jointer. We were very pleased to learn just how versatile this router table is.

Build and Safety

The first thing we have noticed with the RA1171  is the slick table surface. If you coat it when it is needed, it will stay slick for a long time.

The table is large enough for most of the common routing jobs, and the fence provides lots of contact area on either side of the bit. The height of the fence makes almost all of the routing jobs easy.

The switch block has a removable key which can make the unit inoperable when it is not in place. This is a great safety feature if you have kids or if you just want to make sure that not everyone can turn on your unit.

The feather boards and bit guards can be used on the fence, and without the fence since the Bosch RA1171 kit comes equipped with all of the necessities. The bit guards will protect your fingers, but they are also very useful in preventing chips and splinters from flying off the bit.

We are very pleased with all of the safety features of this model.

Dust Collection

The Bosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table has 2-1/2″-diameter dust ports on the fence and the rear of the cabinet. The dust collection system ensures that the majority of dust is removed from the work area.

We have noticed that the gaps around the door are sized right, and they allow good airflow.


It is very hard to find an affordable router table without it having limited functionality, but Bosch has managed to create a great beginner-friendly router table available for under $200 on Amazon.

Even if you are a seasoned woodworker, this nifty router table could be the one you were looking for. It saves space; it can be mounted on any stable, flat surface, and it is very safe for use.

Featherboards, adjustable fence and the aluminum plate only further increase the value of the Bosch RA1171. The only problem that we have noticed is that the assembly process should’ve been a bit easier.


  • Large fence system is adjustable, and it makes the RA1171 very versatile
  • Big and slick table surface gives you plenty of space for most of your woodworking projects
  • Safety features are very good, as well as the space-saving size of the unit


  • Some new woodworkers might find the entire assembly process a bit difficult

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