Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

As more and more homeowners turn to their fireplace to provide carbon neutral heat for their home, the need for firewood is increasing. You can always buy firewood, but it’s far more economical to make your own using a log splitter.


Brand: Boss Industrial
Type: Log Splitter
Model: ES7T20
Weight: 106 pounds
Product Dimensions: 40 x 13.5 x 20.5 inches


7-ton rated

The Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter is rated for 7 tons of pressure. Many people overestimate how much pressure they need if they’re unfamiliar with log splitters. But rest-assured, 7 tons will be more than enough for residential log splitting applications, and perfectly capable of cutting into hardwood, which some homeowners prefer over softwood.

Easy to use

Let’s be honest: Log splitters can be an intimidating concept since most non-rural or non-woodworking Americans have never even seen one in use, let alone have operated one. However, the Boss ES7T20 is very easy to learn how to use, making it great for beginners who are splitting firewood for the first time. It starts with just the push of a button. It doesn’t get easier than that. The automatic ram return further ups the ease of use factor, and is even a convenient and highly-coveted feature for more experienced log splitters.

The motor is super powerful

The Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter features a 2-horsepower motor. You typically don’t find motors this strong on a 7-ton rated log splitter, which is part of what makes this model so appealing. Think about it. Many hydraulic log splitters on the market are actually manual, requiring you to power it via lever (or something similar) and the hydraulics do the rest. But here, with the Boss Electric Log Splitter, you have a 2-horsepower motor doing a lot of the work, making things a lot easier on you, your back, and your arms. After all, a reduction in physical stress is one of the main reasons people opt to get a wood splitter in the first place, so that note is definitely something to consider.

Top-notch hydraulic system

What good is a 2-horsepower electric motor without great hydraulics to back it up? Hydraulics add torque and torque adds power to your log splitting, making the job easier and faster. Who doesn’t love that?

High capacity in a portable package

Don’t let the portable capability of the Boss Industrial ES7T20 fool you: It can handle more than you may think. With its ability to split logs up to 10 inches thick and 20.5 inches long, this is a high capacity machine able to meet the needs of any homeowner looking to make a large volume of firewood.

My first impression of the Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

The first thing I noticed about the ES7T20 is that it was a bit bigger than my last log splitter. On the one hand, I was worried it might not be easy to maneuver; on the other hand, I reckoned it would make for better log splitting, so I was pretty neutral on the size front, because it all evened out.

I like the push-button power on. It’s just an easy, no hassle thing and that’s the type of person I am. I don’t like frustrating machinery (not that anyone does).

After powering it up, I used it to split some pine, roughly 8 inches thick, and it worked perfectly. What would normally take me over an hour took me about thirty minutes. You can’t be a timesaving device—especially if you work long hours like I do and come home tired and the end of the day.

When I saw how easily it split the pine, I decided to try out some oak, because I know it’s a hardwood and I wanted to see what the Boss Log Splitter could do. Honestly, I was shocked by the results, because the oak I decided to split was just as thick as the pine and definitely longer. The ES7T20 handled like a champ. I was genuinely amazed.

My wife decided to try it out to see if she can handle it. After all, we share the chores pretty equally around our house and she wanted to make sure she could do the wood splitting too. She found it just as easy as I did and so did our eighteen-year-old daughter. If the whole family can use it, that’s also a plus.

My first impression was a good one. Two months on, and I’m still trouble-free.


There is a lot to like about the Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter:

  • 2-horsepower motor is beastlike in its strength
  • Amazing hydraulics amp up the log splitter’s power
  • Portable so you can take it on vacation to your cabin
  • Rated for 7 tons, making it capable to cut both softwoods and hardwoods
  • Able to split woods up to 10 inches thick and 20.5 inches long, which is a standout among 7-ton rated log splitters
  • Automatic ram return for convenience and speed
  • Electric powered so you don’t have to worry about gasoline or the fumes that come with it


What to consider:

  • A little heavier than some of its competitors. However, I don’t really find this a problem, because the wheels on the back make it very easy to maneuver despite the weight.
  • It’s designed for horizontal use only. While this might bother some vertical enthusiasts, the horizontal design has no impact on how well the log splitter functions, which is great.
  • What’s included with the Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter
  • This product comes fully intact so you can power it up and get to log splitting in a snap.

Final Verdict

I would recommend the Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter to any of my friends, but particularly beginners for its ease of use, as well as its ability to get the job done. It’s simply a great piece of machinery and makes firewood less of a chore.

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