Champion Power Equipment 90720

More and more homeowners are discovering the benefits of heating with a fireplace and cooking on a modern-day wood burning stove. With all that wood-burning comes the need for log splitting to make firewood and log splitters are the perfect tool for that.



The Champion Power Equipment 90720 7 Ton Compact Portable Log Splitter is one of the most efficient log splitters on the market designed for home-usage. Full cycle time is 20 seconds, which means this log splitter is capable of 180 cycles per hour. Both beginners and longtime log splitters will benefit from this ultra-efficient log splitter’s expediency.


Not every log splitter is portable, but the Champion 90720 is both compact and portable. You may be wondering why you’d want to tote around a log splitter, but if you vacation a lot, especially in rural, outdoorsy settings, having a log splitter on hand is a great for quick firewood making.

Smart design

The overall build of the Champion Log Splitter is low-profile which means a safer, sturdier design. Meanwhile, it has integrated log cradles to steady heavier logs during splitting. This also encourages safety.


The 7-ton rating means this log splitter is more than capable of meeting the needs of most homeowners. With a 7-ton rating, splitting softwood is a breeze and the Champion will be perfectly able to split hardwood, providing the hardwood is in an appropriate range for the Champion Log Splitter’s specs. The 90720 has the capacity to split logs up to 19.3 inches in length and 50 pounds in weight. This will more than cover most residential applications.

My first impression of the Champion Power Equipment 90720 7 Ton Compact Portable Log Splitter

The very first thing I noticed about the Champion Log Splitter was that it’s rather small compared to some of the other log splitters I’ve seen, but I didn’t let that prejudice me against it because I understood it was meant to be portable—and it definitely is. I’m a petite woman and I was able to set it up in my backyard by myself without my husband or oldest son’s help. As the family matriarch, I like my keeping my tough reputation intact, so this was a big plus in my book.

On the note of portability, we’re a very outdoorsy family, I guess you could say. We go out to my brother-in-law’s cabin about once a month to fish and hike, and we love lighting that gigantic fireplace and having a good, old-fashioned family singalong. It’s certainly been a big timesaver while traveling. Before, everyone used to say “not it!” when it became time to split the firewood, but now my twenty-year-old and my nineteen-year-old fight over who gets to use the logs splitter. I think they think it’s fun, which is also a bonus.

As a wood stove owner, I require a practical log splitter. I don’t have time to fuss with something that doesn’t work, because I need firewood to cook food for my large family. (We have six kids plus a linebacker son-in-law, so you can imagine what Sunday dinner is like.)

I was a little nervous about the Champion being so compact, but from the first use it was just great. I like to use ash for my wood burning stove, because I think it heats best. Ash is a hardwood, so I was very interested to see if a 7-ton rated log splitter could stand up to it. I had heard the Champion model could from a friend, but I still wasn’t sure until I saw it for myself. I was able to split an ash log ten inches in diameter, so that was good enough for me.

I’ve been using the Champion Portable Log Splitter to mainly split ash for a few months now, and I’ve gotten really positive, consistent results. I’m happy with it.


There is a lot to like about the Champion Power Equipment 90720 7 Ton Compact Portable Log Splitter, namely:

  • Rated for 7 tons of pressure making it an excellent splitter for all softwoods and most hardwoods
  • Perfect for homeowners and woodworking hobbyists and artisans
  • Champion provides a 2-year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support; I always appreciate companies that stand behind their products, as most people do
  • Low-profile design promotes safety
  • Integrated log cradles support stability
  • Capable of 180 full cycles per hour, which allows the operator to complete their log splitting at a very speedy pace


Things to consider:

  • Only rated for 7 tons, so it won’t be able to handle large hardwood logs or professional applications, however it’s still great for homeowners
  • Make sure you have hydraulic oil on hand; this will be the case for most hydraulic powered log splitters, but it’s worth mentioning

What comes with the Champion Power Equipment 90720 7 Ton Compact Portable Log Splitter

The log splitter comes along with a 2-year limited warranty with the added bonus of free lifetime technical support. I love this feature, because sometimes you need a direct line to the manufacturer for a variety of reasons, and it’s great for people who are new to log splitters in general.

Final Verdict

I’d definitely recommend the Champion Power Equipment 90720 7 Ton Compact Portable Log Splitter to my friends and fellow wood stove users. I find the 7-ton rating more than enough power for my firewood needs, and I think most homeowners will as well. Not only is it powerful, it’s also easy to use and easy to travel with, which gives it extra props in my book. More than that, I think it will work for both beginners and longtime logs splitters, so the versatility is nice. The 90720 is definitely one of the highest quality log splitters on the market today.

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