Drone X Pro Review

Although they may look like toys, investing in a drone would be an ideal way to add value to your photography, either as a job or as a hobby, and to any film projects that you are currently in. Nowadays, it is much better to use a drone that is small and easy to use, much like the Drone X Pro. This is one of the best drones and has proven to be efficient and a favorite of many photographers and filmmakers.

Professional drones are usually very expensive, big and bulky, not to mention inconvenient. So what’s the point of investing in something so expensive for little returns. The Drone X Pro has a lot of benefits that would definitely catch your eye, and change your photography experience for a long flight time.

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Specifications of the Drone X Pro:

  1. The Drone X Pro works with a software that is compatible with any time of phone and the system can support all Androids with the 2.2 version and above.
  2. For iPhone users, it supports iOS with versions 5.1.1 and above.
  3. It also has a cordless motor 0720 and a manual written in English. The manual is very straightforward and easy to understand.
  4. The app can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store and you can use the app named JY UFO to connect and control the drone.
  5. The drone can be used indoors or outdoors. It is not limited to a specific environment as long as you are following the rules on aviation.
  6. The Drone X Pro is a quad-copter model 720x
  7. The motor type is Brushed.
  8. It has a 720p HD camera, WiFi FPV and a WiFi APP Control.
  9.  Drone X Pro has 3.7v 500mAh Lithium Battery.


One impressive feature of the Drone X Pro drone is the size of the drone. As mentioned earlier, professional drones can be bulky, which makes it uncomfortable to use. This model can fit into the palm of your hand if the blades are folded in, and this is another great feature of the drone. The blades can be folded in whenever you are not using it, and it makes it easier to pack the drone in when you are not using it. It also helps you protect the blades from damages because having them tucked in is safer. The small size of the drone would make it easier to carry whenever you are going, no matter the complication of the photography or film shoot.

The Drone X Pro is also probably the easiest drone to use. Most drones make use of a multi-functional remote controller that you have to learn how to operate and carry around every time you want to use the drone. You can remote control the Drone XPro using an app, which you would download on your smartphone, whether it is an Android or an iPhone. All you have to do is download the app on your phone and sync it to the drone. Since the drone has a camera and WiFi, the app contains features that let you share images or videos that you take with the drone with anyone that you want to share them with. Unlike other drones that have to have a camera attached to them and also have to upload the images or videos on your computer, the Drone X Pro provides you with an easier way.

From where you are controlling the drone, which is from the app, you can make your drone hover, move left or right, up or down, sideways or forward or backwards. The controls also allow you to pick between flying at a high speed or at a low speed. For landing your drone, the model has a one key landing option that brings the drone back to you.

The drone can fly up to at most 150 feet away from where you are controlling it, which is an impressive range. The app features an FPV image transmission and this gives you the chance to see the flight of the drone as you control it. Did I mention that the camera attached to the drone is a built-in 720p HD camera? This allows you to take very clear images and videos with the drone.

Specific Features of the Drone X Pro:

  1. The Drone has a higher flying time than most drones in the market. It can fly and make use of the camera for at most 12 minutes of flight time without needing battery replacements or without needing to land.
  2. The Drone X Pro is a foldable drone that makes it protected whenever it is being transported from one place to another. The dimensions are 6.5 x 14.5 x 3cm ( when folded ), 15.5 x 15 x 3cm ( when unfolded ). The drone can be easily placed in your pocket.
  3. The Drone X Pro also takes HD images and videos. The recorded videos are at 120 frames per second and the images are up to 12 megapixels. The images are super clear.  The camera is also connected to WiFi and has an adjustable angle. The FPV allows you to monitor the drone and the images you are taking.
  4. The Drone X Pro allows you to replay any part of your shooting in high definition slow motion on the application. It allows you to relive your adventures and it gives you a better photography experience.
  5. The drone model is equipped with automatic sensors that would detect any obstacles or the ground when it is still flying. If there are any obstacles, the drone would simply adjust its flight course and avoid the collision. This is a great feature because the drone basically protects itself.
  6. The drone has an air press altitude hold that allows the drone to hover for a long time.
  7. Flying time of Drone X Pro is amazing and long because of  3.7V 500mAh Lithium Battery.
  8. It also has a headless mode that allows you to operate the quadcopter from wherever you please without moving an inch with the help of remote control. With the help of headless mode, you can counter problems easily. 
  9. It also has a G sensor mode that makes the drone move in accordance to your phone’s movement. Wherever you are, the drone would be.
  10. Drone X Pro is able to detect the ground and land smoothly with the help of one key functionality. 


  1. This drone is really easy to use and operate. The controls are straightforward and you can fly the drone with no challenges. The fact that it uses an app for controlling the drone is a bonus. The drone is also easy to install. All you have to do is follow a few steps and then you are good to go.
  2. When it comes to photography, this drone is the best. It helps you with motion pictures and other types of photography. The camera is as clear as your best camera and it is easy to use from your smartphones. The camera is adjustable so you can get your desired picture in 720p HD from any angle that you want.
  3. The app of the Drone can be used on any type of smartphone, whether the Android phones or iPhone.
  4. The price of the drone is much more reasonable than that of a professional drone, yet it provides a better and more convenient option for photography and film making. The drone is very affordable.
  5. The Drone can be used indoors or outdoors.
  6. The Drone is highly convenient for any form of photography.
  7. The G sensor of the Drone protects it from coming in contact with any obstacles in the air or in the situation when it is flying over lower ground. The Drone simply adjusts it flight pattern. You can also not lose this drone because it flies in accordance to your phone’s position and you can easily track it down.
  8. Using the Drone is fun and would add a lot of flavor to your photography and film making activities.


  1. The Drone must be used by someone who has taken the proper training and can use the Drone properly in order to prevent accidents that can damage the Drone. The user might have to be a professional to use it properly.
  2. When it comes to the use of remote control aircraft, there are a lot of rules and regulations that guide the flying of remote-controlled aircraft. Because of this, you must take not while flying it to obey the rules by your state.
  3. It is helpful to remote control the automaton with your cell phone when far out.


Clearly, the pros of the Drone X Pro outweigh the cons and this is a sign that this drone is a great choice for whatever use that you have in mind. The Drone X Pro is easy to use as long as you follow the instructions. All you have to do is turn on the WiFi of the phone, connected to the WiFi name indicated, open the app and start flying the drone. Remember that you would not get the process of flying a drone immediately, but you would have to practice regularly. It’s a good thing that Drone X Pro is durable and very sturdy, or else it would be highly damaged during your test runs. Your propeller might get damaged, but all you have to do is replace them at very cheap rates. So if you have been looking for a very convenient, highly affordable, easy to use, durable and amazing drone with headless mode for your photography and film projects in 720p HD, then the Drone X Pro is definitely for you.


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