Fever Patrol Thermometer Reviews 2020

The world is suffering from one of the worst pandemics of history right now. Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is devastating every walk of life. Thousands of people have died of this virus, while millions are still suffering from it. One of the biggest reasons for the spread of this virus is touching an infected person, surface, or object. Medical experts are advising to keep social distance to contain this virus. High fever is one of the most common symptoms of this infection. Therefore, it is the need of the day to use a fever patrol thermometer to check the illness because using the conventional mercury thermometer may further spread the infection.

What is Fever Patrol Thermometer?

Fever Patrol is a thermometer that is used to measure the temperature of any living body, a substance, or the environment without touching the object, person, or surface. Earlier, these thermometers were used to measure the body temperature of babies and children without stress. Nowadays, the use of this thermometer is frequent both for babies and adults. The outbreak of novel coronavirus has further increased the importance of Fever Patrol because it is a touch-less thermometer. Here, it is pertinent to mention that Fever Patrol is much faster, safer, and accurate than traditional thermometers.

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Advantages of Fever Patrol Thermometer

As Fever Patrol thermometer works without touch, it proves advantageous for all in many ways. Some of the benefits are:

1. Fast and Accurate

The very first and foremost advantage of using Fever Patrol is that it is fast and gives accurate results. It shows the temperature of a body, object, or environment within seconds. You can measure temperature in Celcius and Fahrenheit degrees.

2. User Friendly

Fever Patrol is user friendly. Everybody can use it by pressing a button. You only need to take it close enough to the person or object that its infrared rays can hit the object or person.

3. Maintenance Free

This simple thermometer is convenient for all because it is maintenance-free. You need to install two AA batteries to operate it.

4. Safe

100% safety is another benefit of using the Fever Patrol thermometer because it is touch-less. You can use this thermometer for the whole family without any fear of bacterial infections. This feature has made it ideal for checking the temperature of coronavirus patients.

5. Multipurpose

Fever Patrol thermometer is a multipurpose thermometer because it can measure the temperatures of objects, substances, and even the environment. You can use it to check the temperature of drinks, food, and air.

6. Multiple checks

This digital thermometer can record 64 readings and, therefore, can be used for multiple tests. You can store and compare the temperature of your baby or any adult member of the family and compare it from time to time to judge the recovery.

7. Comfortable for Patients and Children

Last but not least, the use of Fever Patrol is comfortable for patients and children because you can measure the temperature of children and patients while they are sleeping.

Technical Specifications of Fever Patrol Thermometer

Although Fever Patrol is technically straightforward, yet it would be better to describe those specifications in detail and enlist their pros and cons.

  • It has a color-coded display that shows green, yellow, and red light for safe, light fever and high fever.
  • Fever Patrol has a sturdy, full handle that makes grip easy.
  • There is a mode button that helps to measure the temperature of the human body, objects, and air.
  • Wide measurement switch.
  • Supports a one-handed operation.
  • Compact and portable design.

Working of Fever Patrol Thermometer

The following three simple and easy steps will explain the working of the Fever Patrol thermometer.

Selection of the Mode

Being a multipurpose gadget, Fever Patrol offers two modes. The first step in its operation is the selection of either the body or object. Now, take it parallel and close to the subject and hold down the button.

Temperature Display

As soon as you bring it near the body or object, the temperature of that body or object displays within seconds. Keep it in mind that the display screen will be green for fit, yellow for mild fever, and red for high temperature.

Repeat the Process

The third and final step is the repetition of the process to track the progress of recovery. Fever Patrol thermometer can store 64 temperature readings.

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Why is Fever Patrol Better than Traditional Thermometers?

Varied features of Fever Patrol make it better than other traditional thermometers. Being equipped with no-touch infra-red technology, it always remains nonallergic and infection-free, and you can use a single thermometer for the whole family. No need to disturb the patient or a sleeping child to measure the temperature. The ability to store 64 temperature readings is also one of the selling propositions. Any of the family members can operate it efficiently.

Why Do You Need Fever Patrol Thermometer?

Because of its features, health experts recommend it for every home. The coronavirus outbreak has increased its value further because it supports non-touch measurement. You do not need to disinfect it after every usage. Moreover, its color alarm alerts you in case of any emergency.

Where to Purchase Fever Patrol?

Fever Patrol is available online, and you can also purchase it from any pharmacy shop. Buying the product online from the manufacturers' website is always better because they let you know much information about your purchase. It also offers quality customer service after purchasing the product. You can also avail special discount on buying two or three thermometers.

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The following FAQs will also tell you a lot about the Fever Patrol thermometer and shape your buying decision.

1. How Much Accuracy We Can Expect?

Fever Patrol thermometer is 100% accurate because it uses the latest digital infra-red technology. The accuracy ratio of this thermometer is 0.2C or 0.4F.

2. Up to What Temperature Fever Patrol Can Measure?

Fever Patrol has a wide range of measuring temperatures because it measures not only the heat of the body but also different objects. It can measure the temperatures between 0ºC-100ºC and 32ºF-212ºF.

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