Immune Defence Review 2020: Benefits, Ingredients, Side Effects and More

Keeping our immune systems strong is highly important to our health. The immune system is what defends the body against infection. When there are antigens that try to invade the body, the immune system detects them and eliminates them. This is why is it important to pay attention to your diet and lifestyle so that you can maintain a strong immune system.

Everyone needs to improve their immune system, whether they are healthy or not. There are many ways that one can enhance their immune system. The common ways to improve your immune system are regular physical exercise, sleeping well, relieving yourself from stress, having a healthy diet and avoiding a lot of alcohol or smoking. Another way you can strengthen your immune system is with supplements like Immune Defence.

This Immune Defence review explores all you need to know before taking this natural supplement.

Immune Defence Review: Everything you need to know

This is an all-natural supplement that was exclusively developed to enhance and reinforce the natural immunity of the body. It doesn’t affect or replace your immune system, instead, it supports it by giving your body the necessary nutrients.

Immune Defence is taken in the form of a dissolvable tablet and it is developed with natural ingredients that strengthen the immune system. It is only meant for ages 12+ years and must be taken every day. The lozenges perform a lot of functions in the body.

Apart from enhancing the functions of the immune system and protecting you and your family from infections, it is also useful in dealing with stress. Not only this, but it relieves the symptoms of the common cold which can weaken the immune system. These symptoms include coughs, running nose, sinusitis, sputum, and headaches.

For the whole family, Immune Defence has been proven to offer protection and better health.

What is in Immune Defence?

This Immune Defence review wouldn’t be complete without exploring the ingredients of this natural supplement. The ingredients in the supplement have all been proven to improve the immune system. They include:

  • 5mg of elemental zinc.
  • 5mg of vitamin C.
  • Zinc gluconate.
  • Magnesium stearate.
  • Rosehip powder.
  • Acerola powder.
  • Aniseed oil.

All of these ingredients offer benefits to the immune system, and so when put together to form Immune Defence, you can rest assured that they strengthen the immune system when taken regularly.

Benefits of Immune Defence

This Immune Defence review would be looking at the benefits of this supplement by exploring the advantages that the ingredients bring to the immune system.


Zinc is one of the well-known immune system minerals and so it offers quite a lot of benefits to the body when taken in Immune Defence.

  • Immune Defence zinc lozenges will reinforce the natural immune system of your body as long as you take it regularly.
  • Taking zinc lozenges will also decrease the length of cold symptoms in your body by up to 50%. According to some studies, if you have common cold symptoms, taking zinc will reduce the duration of the symptoms that you experience.
  • During flu or cold seasons, you can depend on the supplement to protect you from viruses like coronavirus  and infections by enhancing your body’s resistance.
  • When your stress level is high or you are tired, your immune system becomes weak. By taking zinc regularly, you can fight off infections easily.
  • Studies have shown that taking zinc regularly reduces the chance of zinc deficiency in elderly people.

Vitamin C

Studies have revealed that Vitamin C plays a critical role in protecting the immune system as one of the main ingredients in Immune Defence.

  • Apart from protecting and enhancing the immune system, taking vitamin C regularly would help your body fight off infections and in coping with serious allergic reactions.
  • Just like in zinc, there have been studies that reveal that when you take vitamin C regularly, the frequency of getting the common cold or the symptoms would be reduced.
  • The regular intake of vitamin C through Immune Defence would also decrease the duration of the symptoms of the common cold.
  • Vitamin C also enhances your immune system to treat and prevent respiratory infections.
  • Taking vitamin C regularly also improves your immune cell functions.

General Benefits

  • The lozenges increase the number of white blood cells in your body. White blood cells are important because they detect and get rid of antigens in the body.
  • The supplements also protect the spleen which is an important organ of the body as it is the largest lymphatic organ.
  • Taking the Immune Defence supplements regularly would detoxify your body. Your body would be able to neutralist toxins and activate proteins that strengthen the immune system.
  • The other ingredients found in Immune Defence provide strength and reinforcement to the immune system, helping you fight against infections.
  • The supplement isn’t only for adults as it can be taken by children over the age of 12. This means that you can protect the immune system of your entire family and improve their wellbeing.
  • You can take Immune Defence lozenges anywhere you go. You can store them in your house or office. You can also take the lozenges when you travel. The lozenge is also easy to take. You can suck on it and since it contains menthol, it would cool your throat.
  • All in all, it also enhances the body’s passive immunity. When you take the lozenges, you can boost the passive immunity but after a while, it becomes adaptive immunity. This means that the immune system can now stand on its own.

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Taking Immune Defence

The best and only place to buy the lozenges supplement recommended by this Immune Defence review is at the official website. It isn’t advisable to buy it in other places.

Also, according to the manufacturer, the maximum daily consumption for Immune Defence is four lozenges. You can take one tablet every two hours if your immune system is very weak. If not, you can take before or after every meal. No matter how you consume it, you mustn’t take over four lozenges in a day.

When taking the supplements, you should check your daily dietary consumption so that you don’t take more than you need. Also, if you have underlying health issues, you should consult your doctor before taking it.

Side Effects

  • Tolerance

When you use Immune Defence lozenges for a long time, your body might get used to or tolerant of the supplements. This means that it would no longer be working as effectively as before because of the length of usage. Your body won’t benefit from the drug anymore. This side effect might not be avoidable because of the next side effect.

  • Dependence

Using the supplements for a long time created dependency. This means that your body begins to rely on the support given by the supplements until it cannot do without them. If you stop taking the supplements, you might get ill. Your body becomes accustomed to the increased support and doesn’t produce a lot of white blood cells on its own.

Since you are dependent, you can end up taking it for a long time until your body because tolerant to it. This is why you should consult your doctor before taking it or stick to the dosage given by the manufacturer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Happens When I Exceed the Dosage?

Although the side effects of Immune Defence aren’t harmful, taking more than the advised dosage by the manufacturer can be harmful. You can experience abdominal pain, lethargy, copper deficiency, nausea, and anemia. This is why it is advisable to stick to the dosage or consult your doctor if you have underlying health issues. When taking in safe amounts, the supplement is completely safe for you because it is developed with all-natural ingredients.

  • Can I Take It If I’m Pregnant?

Pregnant women need to take 14-15mg of zinc every day to remain healthy and avoid a deficiency in them or their unborn child. When taking four tablets of Immune Defence daily, one gets 14.4mg which is within the recommended level. Thus, you can take three or four tablets to enhance your immunity while you are pregnant.

  • Can I Take It If I’m Breastfeeding?

If you are breastfeeding, the best thing to do is to contact your doctor for a consultation before taking the supplements. You can also ask a pharmacist near you.

  • How Long Before I See The Results?

When you take the supplements, you get the effects immediately. The lozenges start working right away and the level of the results depends on how many you took per day.

Our Take on Immune Defence

This Immune Defense review has shown that this supplement isn’t harmful to anyone as long as the dosage is followed and only people from 12 years and above take it. The lozenges are made with natural ingredients that would build up and support your immune system and that of your family. The only way to stay healthy is with a strong immune system and you can achieve this by taking Immune Defence regularly.

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