LifeProtectX Medikit Review: 18-in-1 Emergency Survival Kit

During this season, observing proper hygiene has been sensitized throughout the world, with an emphasis on keeping your hands clean and sensitized at all times due to the current COVID-19 pandemic in the world.

Apart from sanitizing your hands, you need to have an emergency kit with the essential medical supplies and equipment to take care of any injuries or eventualities during this time when everyone is at home. As a precaution, you need to have an easily accessible emergency kit with tools that can be used to attend to any accidents that may happen when people are together at home.

Most first aid kits don’t have enough items to attend to many emergencies. Kits with added tools like hand sanitizers, face masks, long term food storage, and freeze-dried food are most needed to cover the current pandemic in the world.

LifeProtectX Emergency Survival Kit

There are two factors besides medical purpose you should consider while buying a first aid kit:

  • Location- Different areas require different equipment and supplies. For instance, people living in areas that are not remote only need a basic kit that has Band-Aids, gauze, and painkillers while those in remote areas need a kit with digestive and anti-nausea meds in case they ingest foods they are not used to. On the other hand, if one is planning to go camping, he/she will need a survival kit that has splint kits and burn treatments.
  • Size and weight- Most people prefer a travel-sized kit that is easy to pack. For example, if you travel a lot by air, the kit should be easily packed in the luggage without the possibility of spilling anything.

The LifeProtectX Medikit

LifeProtectX survival kit is an emergency medical kit that complies with Health Savings Account by bringing together eighteen essential tools for use in emergencies. The kit has all the essential tools and supplies that you may require for first aid.

The LifeProtectX MedicKit is portable, compact and enables you to be well prepared for any emergencies.

However, LifeProtectX Medikit supplies will require refilling when used up.

In this LifeProtectX Review, we shall look at the features of this survival kit and also at how to best use it.

Features of the LifeProtectX Medikit

  1. It has all the necessary gear that a survival kit should have

The LifeProtectX survival kit comes with a carrying case, fire starter, tactical pen, mini key-chain flashlight, needle, wire saw, flooding military knife, alcohol pad, gauze swab, fire starter, multifunctional card, emergency blanket, whistle, multi-functional survival bracelet, alcohol pad, screwdriver, bandage and water bottle clip.

The kit has essential items for disasters and ordinary emergencies. It is made intelligently to ensure that everything you would need when stuck or injured is in it.

  1. It is convenient and lightweight

LifeProtectX Medikit small enough to be easily and securely placed in a car, pouch, or backpack.

  1. The items are made of high-quality cold steel

The items of steel are made with high carbon steel and to increase strength they are treated with heat.

How to use the life LifeProtectX Medikit

LifeProtectX Emergency Survival Kit 2

The LifeProtectX Medikit brings together medical items that are made using medical grade materials that are safe for human use.

In different situations, the LifeProtectX survival kit has several products that can be used. You may know how to use some of the products while others may not be familiar with them. To cater to the things that you may not be familiar with, LifeProtectX provides a guide to instruct you on how each item in the kit is used. The guide also explains how specific emergencies can be treated using the items in the kit.

The Medikit should be kept out of reach of children because if some of the items within are not properly handled, they can harm them.

Lastly, the LifeProtectX kit should not be kept in a hot environment since some of the items may get spoilt. It should, however, be kept in an environment with moderate room temperature.

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How much does a LifeProtectX Medikit cost?

Manufacturers got an official website where you can purchase the LifeProtectX Medikit. Buying from third sellers is strictly prohibited for they may give you products of poor quality. It is important to observe much caution because here you are buying a medical kit.

LifeProtectX Medikit is sold at a 50% discount currently. You can buy in three packages:

  • 1 MediKit is going for $49.99
  • 2 MediKits going for $99.99 and you are given 1 more free kit
  • 3 MediKits going for $149.99 and you are given 2 more free kits

To purchase the kit, you can use a credit card, debit card, or online payment methods like PayPal. All these are accepted modes of payment at the LifeProtectX official website.

During purchase, you are required to choose the package you would like, make the payment and then wait for the delivery of your order.

Your order is shipped to you free without any additional charges.

ProtectX Medikit refund policy

To safeguard your purchase, LifeProtectX has a 30-day refund policy.

After making a purchase, and you find that the kit is defective or it does not meet your expectations, you can decide to return it and request a refund. However, you will first require to contact the customer care so that it can give you a refund number.

You will be required to attach that refund number to the product when returning it. The refund is processed and reflected in your account within 4-5 working days.

Nonetheless, claiming a refund is only allowed within 30 days after the purchase.

Pros of LifeProtectX Medikit

  • One LifeProtectX Medikit comes with 18 items, which are the main essential medical supplies that are required in case of an emergency.
  • It is compact enough to be fitted anywhere.
  • It is little weight and thus easy to carry.
  • The kit comes with a first aid guide book to assist you in tackling most of the emergencies.
  • In case you don’t like what you receive, you can get back your money through their refund.
  • The shipping is free.

Cons of LifeProtectX MediKit

  • It does not come with a carry case


Various LifeProtectX Medikit reviews indicate that the kit is affordable to many. Most survival kits cost hundreds of dollars. But at a fraction of that price, you can get all the required survival kit necessities by purchasing the LifeProtectX survival kit.

Besides, most of the LifeProtectX Medikit reviews show that it is one of the best survival kits.

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