SafeBreath Pro Review – Face Mask To Prevent From Coronavirus

The world is suffering from one of the worst and devastating lockdowns nowadays to stop the spread of coronavirus pandemic. Medical research proves that coronavirus spreads from man to man and, therefore, people are adopting different ways to keep themselves protected from the disease. Wearing face masks is one of those ways that not only protects us from COVID-19 but also other contaminated particles in the air. SafeBreath Pro is one of those face masks that can protect you from this disease.

What is SafeBreath Pro?

SafeBreath Pro is a face mask with a breathable coating that can protect you and your family from dust, toxic gases, bacteria, and life-threatening viruses. Its waterproof and breathable layer filters dust particles and infections from the air and feels comfortable to mouth and nose.

Features and Benefits of SafeBreath Pro

SafeBreath Pro is the latest face mask that offers many benefits to the users. Some of those are:

1. Full Mouth and Nose Protection

The first and foremost benefit of using SafeBreath Pro is that it offers full mouth and nose coverage. Unlike ordinary face masks, it protects your mouth and nose from polluted air, chemicals, and gases.

2. Graded Material

Another feature that discriminates SafeBreath Pro from ordinary face masks is the use of exceptional quality medical grade material that leaves no side effects. The person wearing SafeBreath Pro will never feel suffocation and irritation. Even, it may not cause skin problems and infections.

3. Easily Portable and Washable

Unlike traditional and discomforting protective masks, SafeBreath Pro is lightweight and easily portable and washable. You will feel no problem in carrying it to school, college, or office and wash it whenever and wherever you want.

4. Reusability

One of the top-selling proposition of SafeBreath Pro face mask is its reusability. You can wash and reuse it as many times as you want. The premium quality fabric used in it does not even get damaged with washing machines. Thus, buying this face mask will save you from the extra burden of buying covers again and again.

5. Eliminates Dust and Infections

Ordinary masks do not guarantee complete filtration of dust particles and infections. SafeBreath Pro, on the other hand, ensures full protection against bacteria, viruses, and dust particles using advanced microfiltration technology. Its activated carbon filtration removes contamination and impurities from the air.

6. Perfectly Fits all Face Sizes

You need not worry about fitting while purchasing SafeBreath Pro face mask because it is stretchable and can easily fit all face sizes and shapes.

Will it Provide Protection Against Coronavirus?

Yes, SafeBreath Pro face mask offers full protection against coronavirus. The preparation and testing phase of the cover took place during the coronavirus outbreak. Therefore, the sales pitch of the company clearly shows that SafeBreath Pro can protect against “new virus.” It has enough filtration layers that can trap dust particles, viruses, bacteria, and other chemical gases.

However, the devastations from COVID-19 require that you should not only rely on the face mask but also use precautionary measures suggested by health professionals and organizations.

Technical Specifications of SafeBreath Pro

The manufacturer provides the following technical details of the mask. I suggest you go through these specifications before buying this mask.

  • Product name is valve mask
  • Uses 95% or more filter effect
  • New 3.0 breathing valve
  • Two-layer polyurethane filtration technology.
  • Features microfiber
  • Offers KN95 protection level
  • Anti-fog, anti-dust, and anti-PM2.5
  • 27X14 cm size fits all face sizes.

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Working of SafeBreath Pro

SafeBreath Pro features nanotechnology that can filter air contaminants of more than PM 2.5 size, a size rating for some particular matter less than 2.5 micrometers. It means that active carbon filters of SafeBreath Pro are invisible without a microscope and can filter micropollutants of size higher than PM 2.5. Usually, air contaminants are bigger than PM 2.5 scale, and using SafeBreath Pro can protect you from their harmful effects. Harmful bacteria and viruses will remain away from you because of active carbon and dedicated reinforcement layers in the mask.

Who Should Use SafeBreath Pro Face Mask

Although face masks are the need of everyone, yet people who are avid travelers and spend a lot of their time in outdoor activities should always rely on SafeBreath Pro for optimum protection against infections. The students and workers traveling from one place to the other through public transport should always use this mask. People with a weak immune system and sensitive lungs can also use SafeBreath Pro. Currently, the protective cover is the need of everyone because only this way, we can contain the spread of coronavirus.

How is SafeBreath Pro Different from Other Masks?

One of the main differences between SafeBreath Pro face mask and an ordinary protective cover is the filtration layers. A traditional face mask has only one layer made of mediocre quality fabric, while SafeBreath Pro features three filtration layers of top quality fabric. The rear strap of SafeBreath Pro is always well fitted to prevent falling now and then. Ordinary face masks offer one-time usage while OxyBreath is reusable because of washable fabric.

Where to Buy SafeBreath Pro and its Pricing?

SafeBreath Pro is available only online through the official website of the company for $49 per mask. However, the company offers a discount on the purchase of two or five covers. It will cost you $35 for each on buying two face masks, and you can enjoy a further discount and purchase it for $27 for each cover on buying five. The company is offering free worldwide shipping but charges $9 for a 3-years warranty period.

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