IPS vs TN Panel Of Gaming Monitor – Which Is Better?

Is your quest for some excellent experience in gaming? If you are a game enthusiast, then it is expedient to buy a top-notch monitor to boost your gaming experience. Price should be the first factor to consider when exploring to purchase a top-notch USB monitor for gaming. Nevertheless, the panel technology, panel size, pixel rate & response and panel resolution are some other important factors to consider as well. To be factual, among all these factors, the panel technology remains the most essential item. Are you looking for great tips to differentiate IPS vs TN panel? Keep reading this content for more comprehensive information.

IPS Panel Technology:

IPS remains a thin-film transistor liquid crystal display panel. With better colour accuracy, In-Panel Switching gaming monitors will provide you wider viewing angels. Studies have shown that the technology of LCD and IPS monitors is pretty the same. The liquid crystal pixels in IPS monitors will help to either block or allow light. The pixels often act as a shutter while positioned in the front of a backlight.

In-Panel Switching Monitor Benefits:

1. They are highly responsive due to the FreeSync and G-Sync technologies

2. IPS monitors offer better viewing angles and colour productions

3. These monitors have the capability to offer powerful gray-scale functionality

4. IPS monitors are recommended for users will to do both video/photo editing

5. These monitors also have the capability to enhance your visual experience on gaming

In-Panel Switching Monitor Disadvantages:

1. There is every possibility to experience contrast problems

2. The response times are sometimes lower

3. These monitors are highly expensive

Twisted Nematic Panel Technology:

Among users, the Twisted Nematic panel technology remains the most popular and common. At affordable prices, TN panel monitors can also provide you with faster refresh rates and response. When talking about gaming monitors, the TN panel technology remains the oldest. These monitors draw less power and offer high brightness when combined with LED back-lighting.

Twisted Nematic Monitor Benefits:

1. The Twisted Nematic monitor is basically designed for gaming

2. They are good for gaming due to the feature of short response time

3. Users will get lag-free gaming experience because these monitors come with faster-switching pixels

4. These monitors are cost-effective than other products

5. With low power consumption, these monitors can also produce high brightness

Twisted Nematic Monitor Disadvantages:

1. True colour is not accurate. This is because the colour remains restricted to eighteen bits

2. They are bent or twisted than rotated and crystal fixed at one end

3. There is colour shift at wider viewing angle

IPS vs TN Panel Comparison:

Feature IPS TN
Affordable  No Yes
Color Yes No
Viewing Angles Yes No
Response Time No Yes


The final decision will be dependent on the buyer. IPS monitors will be recommended for buyers that like image quality above responsiveness. TN monitors will be preferred by gamers that are willing to choose responsiveness over image quality. The faster response time makes Twisted Nematic monitors highly preferred by gamers to the IPS option. Buyers can read through the whole content and discover more features to their own preference.

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