Mountain Bikes: 5 Points To Remember While Choosing One

Mountain bikes are designed for off-road use and are different from the normal bikes which people use to commute short distances. These bikes are designed for those who want to escape in nature and explore its purity and not contributing to the release of CO2 by excessive usage of their motor vehicles. There are various MTBs available in the market and it’s hard for an individual without any prior experience to choose the best mountain bike for him/her.

To ease off your troubles and to help you choose the best, below are some tips that may help you select the perfect bike for yourself.

Fixate the budget

First and the foremost thing you need to take care of before buying a mountain bike or any commodity is to fixate the budget. Determining the amount of cash one can spend on the MTB is crucial. Since you might be tempted to raise the bar if your favorite mountain bike if you don’t plan accordingly. It helps in choosing the best one within the fixed budget. It is a good decision to keep aside some bucks for the extra costs that are needed for buying the recommended accessories like helmet, seat cover, spare tires, etc.

It is recommended to keep a decent budget enough to get a good bike rather than buying a cheap one and spending on the repairs and upgrades. A mountain bike is a good investment for your body and you can be happy that you aren’t adding to the already alarming rate of pollution.

We have also detailed some great mountain bikes for people with a budget.

Choosing the type

Before choosing an MTB for yourself, you need to ask yourself about your needs and riding style. It is very important to understand what kind of biker you are and where would you like to ride your precious mountain bike.

One of the important points which you need to take care before narrowing down the list is to decide whether you would like a hardtail, full suspension or rigid mountain bike. They are classified like that on the basis of their suspension. Hardtail bikes have front suspension and full suspension bikes have both front and rear suspension. Unlike the prior two models, rigid MTB doesn’t have any suspension. So you need to read more about Hardtail VS Full Suspension mountain bikes before jumping in with the purchase.

There are different styles of mountain bikes available in the market namely cross country bikes, trail mountain bikes, freestyle bikes, and specific downhill bikes. As the names suggest, these different styles of mountain bikes are equipped with different types of features for a different genre of trips. So if you choose your style carefully, then choosing the bike will become a child’s play for you.

Ride her

There is a limit to the information which you can gain online. The best way to know about your riding style and your needs is to try out the mountain bike itself. Go ahead and ask your friends or relatives who own mountain bikes to allow you to try them. Everyone knows that knowledge is power. So before choosing a mountain bike, one needs to gather more knowledge about it.

In this case, the knowledge can be gathered by taking her for a ride. There are can be various equally priced bikes with similar looks but there can be many subtle differences that can only be understood by taking a test ride. Take all the time you need for a test and take suggestions from people who already own mountain bikes and you will get yourself the best in no time.

Bike fit and treads

A proper bike fit analysis is required to choose the best MTB bike. It aids in understanding whether the mountain bike fits the size of the biker. A proper bike fit includes some changes in the length of the crank arm and stem. This will ensure a better performance of the bike on the trails. It’s important for you to choose the best MTB tires which complement your riding style and the surface where are you planning to ride.


Mountain bikes are for trailing, racing through the countryside or to explore the terrains. A great bike makes a biker feel at home and also makes the pedaling very comfortable. The above points are aimed at helping the bikers to choose the right bike. Go through the points, ask us if you have any questions and explore nature.

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