Movie Box For iOS Review: Best Free Movie Streaming App?

Best Free Movie Streaming App

Backdrop: What the generation wants?

For a generation that is technology savvy & always on the lookout for anything that can make their life easy, apps ranging from e-commerce websites to gaming & movie experience have made this ultimate dream of having served things on a silver platter a reality. As we all are pretty aware that more than 50% population of USA, UK, and countries like India comprises of the young blood, it is inevitable to deny the fact that today’s generation is attracted to comfort & convenience, especially when we talk about having control over everything with just a click of the button.

We are part of a generation that wants things to happen at their pace, on the go & pretty much in their time frame. From shopping online, to getting groceries delivered at the door-step, to getting addicted to online gaming, how can we miss out on one incredibly favorite leisure some activity which every youth engages in whenever & wherever its possible. So what is this so liked activity, breaking the suspense, it obviously is watching movies (latest or old classics) at our expediency.

How Movie Box rolls in the picture:

Well now having created the backdrop for our discussion, I’d like to dive into the core point of discussion. Now as we know our generation, or probably why just our generation, our parents & grandparents all belong to a generation of movie bugs. Watching movies has been more of a detox than just a mode of entertainment. One definitely gets rejuvenated after coming out of movie halls. The trend still continues but with a slight variation, even today we watch movies yet the difference being now we don’t usually go to the movie halls rather we have movies walking up to us in the form of various movie streaming apps available on our very own smart phones.

The point emphasized here is how various movie streaming apps make our movie watching experience a worthy &relaxing one. Just like we have different apps for a particular requirement, say for example both big basket & grofers provide groceries, so what is it that am trying to establish here? For one movie watching experience we have different apps available yet which is the best one, we’ll get to know since one such movie streaming app i.e. Movie Box is trending nowadays.

So, what exactly is Movie Box, as the name suggests Movie Box App is a movie streaming application for the movie aficionado in short one stop solution for excellent movie watching experience. Moreover it is available both for android & iOS. Movie Box has a reach of about 8 million users & is considered the best movie streaming app.

Here is why Movie Box stands out in the race of different apps serving the same purpose

Features of Movie Box

  • Movie Box offers several features like download now, watch later as well as watch now features
  • The movie quality is available in 360P, 480P, 720P & 1080P
  • Movie Box also offers a range of television series
  • Unlike other apps like Netflix, it offers these movies & television series free of cost
  • These movies & television shows can be downloaded simultaneously
  • Movie Box also has a new feature that update you on new movies or television shows being added to the list
  • Furthermore, it provides the user with a friendly interface

All in all, owing to the above-mentioned stand out points, Movie Box is the best movie streaming app providing a rich experience to users. Although, it may be having some similarities to its counter apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon prime yet certain differential points make it a much-liked app by the users as a whole.

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