OxyBreath Pro Review 2020 – The Best Mask to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus?

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without bacteria, allergies, polluted air, and diseases? The air we breathe in is very important to our wellbeing. Sometimes, we unknowingly cause harm to ourselves because we breathe in air that is polluted by different harmful substances. The importance of breathing in clean and purified air cannot be overemphasized and the evidence of this is seen from the outbreak of several life-threatening, some of which may have a cure like Flu, while others do not have a cure as seen with the Coronavirus which is spreading at a fast rate and claiming the lives of people across the world.

How can you ensure that the air you inhale is purified?

OxyBreath Pro is a highly effective and revolutionary mask that promises to filter the air you breathe every day and also keep you safe.

OxyBreath Pro had its first online appearance on 29th January 2020, and this mask has proven to be effective in preventing against allergens, bacteria, and for cold protection. It is easy to wash and can be reused many times. OxyBreath Pro is also lightweight making it comfortable to use.

OxyBreath Pro Technical Features, Specifications and Performance

  • Lightweight: OxyBreath Pro is so light that you may not feel it on your face.
  • Reusable: OxyBreath is designed such that it can be used for more than 30 times. All you have to do is to wash it.
  • Fits All Faces: The mask has a highly elastic ear rope that can be stretched to fit any face irrespective of the size of the face. It’s three-dimensional cut also promotes proper facial fitting.
  • Washable: Water has no negative effect on the performance of the OxyBreath Pro mask. It can be washed many times.
  • Particulate Matter 2.5: OxyBreath Pro is ultrathin with a particulate matter rating of 2.5 micrometers implying that it can filter particles that are larger than 2.5MM.
  • Perfect Facial Fitting: Just like other masks, or even better, the OxyBreath Pro mask perfectly fits over the mouth and the nose and helps in block particles from gaining access to the body through the mouth and nose.
  • Comfortable: OxyBreath Pro is very comfortable to use. There are no restraints.
  • Full Protection: OxyBreath Pro is made of polyurethane which helps to filter fine particles in the air effectively. It offers full protection against viruses, bacteria, allergens and other contaminants either in the form of liquid droplets or as airborne particles.

How does the OxyBreath Pro Work?

OxyBreath Pro is a five-layered mask that offers protection for both the nose and mouth with the aid of a Velcro band. Using this highly efficient mask is very easy. All you have to do is to put it on before you step out of your house. It is also recommended that you wear it whenever you are cleaning your home or workplace.

Always replace the damaged mask. Do not use a damaged OxyBreath Pro mask.

OxyBreath Pro Price

Despite the many features, this mask is inexpensive and highly affordable, as showcased in the Hyperstech website. Different packages of the OxyBreath Pro mask are offered in the site as follows.

  • 3 OxyBreath Pro: You get two free masks when you buy this package. It is available for as low as $ 135 ($27/each)
  • 2 OxyBreath Pro: This package gives you two OxyBreath Pro masks in addition to a free mask that would be given to you when you buy this package. It goes for $ 97 ($32)
  • 1 OxyBreath Pro: A single OxyBreath Pro can be gotten at $50
  • 2 OxyBreath Pro: You can buy two OxyBreath Pro Mask at $ 68 ($34/each)
  • 4 OxyBreath Pro: You can buy four OxyBreath Pro masks at $ 21 ($30/each)

There are different cheap offers available for this state-of-the-art mask. Stay healthy by getting one today.


Haven said much about the OxyBreath mask, here is our final OxyBreath Pro review: Although this product was recently released, the efficacy and effectiveness at preventing harmful infections that may arise from polluted air cannot be overemphasized. This mask is the best comfortable fit air mask for full nose and mouth protection against allergens, viruses, bacteria, and also for protection against cold. It is extremely lightweight and you may not remember that you have it on your face. OxyBreath Pro is washable and reusable and it comprises a nanotechnology dust-free air filter with a particulate matter rating of 2.5 micrometers.

There are several deadly airborne diseases, and the Coronavirus is one of such. Coronavirus has led to a global reduction in the available regular disposable mask. This calls for the need for a washable and reusable mask. OxyBreath Pro Mask is the solution.

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