Ecoheat S Review 2020: Is It Worth It?

The winter season is fast approaching and I’m already feeling the freezing weather! While it’s all fun enjoying the cold, it also gets pretty uncomfortable once it goes below the usual. Sure, there’s hot chocolate and blankets to help keep you warm, but that’s not enough!

That’s where you begin using a heater, though if you’re anything like me, you want to save as much energy as possible and avoid using it. Obviously, you can’t avoid NOT using your heater when the temperature drops, which is why I was looking for alternatives. That’s when I stumbled upon the EcoHeat S, which has helped me reap a LOT of benefits.

However, what exactly can this handy portable heater do for you? And most importantly, is it suitable for your lifestyle? Read on as I show you the ultimate Ecoheat S review to help you out!

What Is the EcoHeat S?

If you’re not familiar with the Ecoheat S yet, this is a portable heating device. This small heater can be brought and placed anywhere you want, heating a room with its simple design and power. In fact, you can even wear it or carry it around no matter where you go.

The Ecoheat S is a whole new device that just got out recently, in time for winter. Power it up where you want it, and it will heat within seconds. It’s made with high-grade ceramic and the attractive finish to look good on your desks or living area.

YES, it’s no central heating system and won’t be able to warm up the entire house. But if you’re traveling or want to stay cozy in just one small area, then the Ecoheat S does the trick. I’ll be showing you the details in the next sections.

How Does It Work?

This is a small heating device that works through sucking up cold air then heating it up. It does this with its internal heat radiator, then blowing out the warmer air within seconds. To be more specific, the heater uses ceramic heating elements and an internal fan, pushing out hot air in the area.

What’s great about the heating device is that it’s powered by USB ports and not through your electrical system directly. Because of that, it uses only minimal energy, saving you more on your energy bills compared to using traditional heaters. Simply bring it wherever you go, plug it in a device or your wall outlet, and allow it to heat your room within three seconds!

The reason why it’s very reputable and works well is because it comes from Hyperstech, as well as from the makers of both DroneX Pro and CoolAir. These are reputable brand names that many trusts, offering great products for your home without breaking the bank.

How Do You Install the EcoHeat S?

Another thing I love about the EcoHeat S is that there is no hassle in installation and maintenance. When you receive the heater, you’re ready to start using it. There is a small instruction manual included with the heater, but you won’t need to read it explicitly to understand how to set it up.

All you need to do is to plug it in your device or wall outlet, press the on button, and have it begin heating up. You can also adjust the temperature and modes with its other buttons located on top of the heater. It shows the temperature blown out from the heater and will continue to do so until you switch it off and unplug.

Maintenance is just as easy since you won’t need to constantly watch after it. As long as you avoid abusing it and wipe it down regularly, then it will work for a long time. It looks built to last for some years of usage during the winter or in cold rooms.

Features of the EcoHeat S

If you want to learn more about the EcoHeat S, here are the features you should know about:

  • There are three key parts, which are the heater, fan, and control panel
  • It’s made of ceramic, which is an excellent material to absorb and release heat efficiently
  • It only uses TEN watts to warm up a 10-square foot room. Meaning, the heater can heat areas that range from 60-120 square feet effectively
  • There is a control panel on top of the heater one can easily understand. It has the thermostat to switch on the heater and its oscillation, as well as change the unit’s heat intensity
  • You’re able to set the heater’s thermostat easily, setting it up to 98 degrees as needed
  • There is a small screen on the control panel that displays the current temperature and shows the heat setting while adjusting your thermostat
  • The heater has small dimensions of just eight inches tall and less than six inches wide
  • This device offers wide-angle heating, rotating at 70-degree angles to evenly warm-up areas. It’s an important feature to produce smooth heat in wide rooms, turning side to side and warming up the entire area rather than just one direction
  • The heat would spread everywhere without it feeling to warm or unbearable
  • It creates the perfect warm area for not just one person in a room!

There are also technical features to take note of, which are:

  • Heats large areas with auto-oscillation and an adjustable thermostat, still having safety protection in case of misuse
  • Uses 600 watts in low heat and 1,220 watts in high heat
  • Uses the power of about 1.2 KW an hour
  • Can operate within power ranges of 220-240V
  • Has a rated frequency of 50Hz
  • The heater’s BTU range is 4,092 BTU an hour
  • It utilizes and amperage of 5-5.455 amps

So there’s no need to worry about it breaking or causing trouble. Nor will you need to bring a bulky heater or switch your system on to heat just one room! Using minimal power, you can heat an area for up to four people to feel cozy.

Special Features Notable to Mention

Besides the features mentioned above, here are the other notable and special features I love about the EcoHeat S:

  • It utilizes ceramic heating elements to maintain and self-regulate heat. That way, it heats the room in an environment-friendly manner and with such efficiency compared to other portable heaters
  • There are three adjustable heating levels according to how warm you want the room to be. It also provides heating in wide angles to cover more area
  • It’s completely safe with protective elements, ensuring that it controls heat if you forget to switch it off
  • The heater does NOT cause any condensation around the walls to compared to other heating devices. It also dries and humidifies the air in the room efficiently
  • It’s a small device that’s portable and can be brought and used anywhere, whether in the office, home or even while camping and commuting
  • It emits no noise or chemicals, ensuring that it doesn’t detriment your health (or ears!)
  • No need to be an expert on devices and technology, as it utilizes just a few buttons

The Benefits of Using the Ecoheat S

So, what exactly are the benefits that the EcoHeat can offer for you? Here are just some of the amazing advantages I got to reap when I began using the heater during the colder seasons:

Better Health

With a good heater, you can maintain excellent health and won’t have to worry about the freezing temperatures. It keeps you warm and away from colds, pneumonia, runny nose, and other illnesses caused by the winter. It even maintains better mental health since you aren’t as stressed or anxious with high energy bills or irritated from the cold.

Warmer Temperatures

Obviously, this heater gives you warmer temperatures to withstand the colder environments no matter where you are. You can experience warmth in the car, your home, the office, someone else’s room, in camping tents, basically anywhere without the high price and bulky body!

Better Environment For Work

I would use the heater when I’m working, whether at home or in the office. It sets the mood and has me more motivated to work rather than freezing my fingers off, keeping me comfortable AND efficient.

Happier and Secure Household

You can use the heater not just for yourself, but for a small family or group of friends in the room. Instead of complaining about the cold and not using the heater, you have a happier and secure household without the risk of illnesses.

More Modes For Customizability

There are various modes to choose from, surprisingly a lot in a small heater like this. It’s also easy to use and you can customize it however warm you want the room to be. Whether it’s just fan mode for slight warmth or full-on heat for freezing temperatures, you can set it in just a press of a button.

Bring It Wherever You Want

Since it’s a portable heater that fits inside your bag, you can bring it wherever you go and power it up no matter where you are. Just have a power bank with you and start warming yourself up.

My Overall Review and Experience

You know how the EcoHeat S works and its many benefits, but what about a firsthand experience on it? Here’s my review on its many features:

Ease of Use and Mintenance

When I first got the unit, I wasn’t confused at all. I got it off the box, checked out its buttons (all understandable), and plugged it in. It worked immediately and I was able to switch it on upon plugging the unit.

Maintaining it is no problem as well, just switch it off, wipe it down when dirty, and keep it in a cool, dry area when not in use.

Safety Features

I love the fact that it’s extremely safe to use and they love their features. When I forgot to switch it off, the heat controlled itself and it didn’t feel too warm when I remembered to unplug it. It switched off by itself and I didn’t need to worry about it falling or breaking from overuse.

Besides that, it has a Top Over Protection feature, so it won’t fall off, preventing overheating and a small explosion!

Its Effectivity

Once I got it to turn on, I set it to start heating up and it did within seconds. I felt the heat immediately and it managed to keep the area cozy after a few minutes since it oscillated and spread throughout the room. Its heating power is quite effective and there were four people in the room, feeling comfortable despite the cold outside!

Portability and Size

I was a bit taken aback and shocked that a heater this small can warm up an entire room. However, it did the job perfectly and while it can’t warm up a whole house, it can keep me cozy in areas like the office, the bus, my car, a small room, even the bathroom!

I’m able to bring it around with me without it feeling too bulky, as it’s lightweight and can fit in any of my bags.

Are There Any Issues?

While I do love the Ecoheat S, I can’t deny that there are some drawbacks you should be aware of. Here are some minor issues so you can manage your expectations and know what to expect:

  • I don’t like that the heater can only display the temperate in Celsius than Fahrenheit, though it’s easy to convert
  • Some people have complained about it being smaller than expected, though the dimensions are mentioned and it still performs well. There are only one size and design available, not coming in different dimensions or colors
  • You can only purchase it from one company and stocks can get limited, especially during this cold season. Furthermore, there is no offline store. That’s why you need to get it as soon as you make a decision!
  • The shipping time can take longer, though it depends on your location. Not a lot have complained about the shipment times, though

Other than that, there aren’t any more cons to the system. These are just minor problems that can either be easily solved or lived with. I have no annoyances with the heater and still believe it’s a great investment!

Is This Right For You?

After saying all these things and my full review, can I say that it’s worth the price? For me, DEFINITELY. I’ve brought it everywhere I needed it and it’s worked only amazingly each time. Sure, it’s got SOME minor drawbacks and won’t heat an entire home, but it does the job well done in keeping me and some people around me cozy.

Is it for you? I can say it is IF you’re looking to save money on your energy bills and just want to heat one area in the house or office. It’s also great if you like to travel or camp in cold areas a lot, so you get to utilize its power as much as possible.

At its price, you get more heat than what you expect in areas of up to 120 square feet without having to spend so much electricity or effort.

However, if you are a big household and stay in different areas at home, then you might be better off with a central heating system. Also, this (obviously) isn’t recommended for those who live in warmer climates as well, unless you plan to travel in colder areas a lot.

Where Can I Get the EcoHeat S?

Are you interested in getting the EcoHeat S for you or a loved one? Fortunately, it’s on sale now and you can easily purchase it through third-party websites like Amazon! However, I highly recommend that you purchase it through the official website, which offers a ton of freebies and discounts.

Not only do you get FREE shopping on every order, but you also get a warranty AND a 50% discount when you avail it now. This is a part of their new year sale and clearance promos, so I recommend that you visit their official website to learn more about it now.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you have a heating system or not, you must find ways to stay warm during the holiday season. With the EcoHeat S, you don’t only stay warm, but you get to save a ton on your bills in the long run! From its ease of use down to portability and effectivity, I can say it’s well worth the long-term investment.

I hope that my Ecoheat S review gave you an idea of what to invest in to save on energy bills. So what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself for the winter season and invest in this awesome portable heater now!

Do you have any questions or want to share your reviews on the EcoHeat S? Then comment below, all your thoughts are much appreciated!

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