Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Helmets: Protect Your Head

When you start mountain biking, you will see that it’s one of the best feelings in the world. The wind blowing into your face, the burning of your legs as you pedal uphill, your heart racing as you push yourself forward… It’s exhilarating, and with a fantastic environment such as forest trails or mountains, it’s surely one of the best ways to burn fat and calories. Not only that, but it can also be a means of transportation, from going to work or school to home! So doing everyday things may actually burn more calories than you realize.

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But of course, when you are about to begin your journey of mountain biking, you will need to purchase the right equipment to ensure that your ride is comfortable and safe. One of the most important things to purchase would be the best mountain bike helmets to make sure that your head is protected from any accidents that may happen when biking. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so owning one of them is important for your safety.

With the many brands and models of helmets, it’s difficult to choose one that is suitable for your needs. So based on Amazon’s mountain bike helmet reviews, below is our list of the 5 best MTB helmets you can choose from….

5 Best Mountain Bike Helmets

Cycle Force ATB Bike Helmet Black

Fox Flux MTB Helmet

Removable visor and padding, light weight

Moon Specialized Adjustable Adult Bike Helmet

Triple Eight Certified Helmet

Designed to fit variety of heads

Fox Head Transition Hardshell Helmet

Fox Head Transition Hardshell Helmet

Removable inner liner made of suedo micro fiber


Triple Eight Certified Helmet

Moon Road Adjustable MTB Helmet

High density EPS foam with snap-on visor


Fox Flux MTB Helmet

Cycle Force ATB Bike Helmet

ATB Style helmet, easy to adjust


1. Fox Flux MTB Helmet

Fox Flux MTB HelmetWith 20 ventilation points for airflow, you won’t need to worry about heat collection around your head as you ride. It will allow breathability at the top part of your head, assuring that you will be comfortable and safe.

It’s lightweight and is easy to tighten the cinch as compared to other helmets. And what makes this a great helmet to purchase is the fact that the padding is removable and can be washed, so you won’t need to worry about the smell and difficulty in cleaning your helmet after a sweaty bike ride.

2. Triple Eight Certified Helmet

Triple Eight Certified HelmetA cute looking helmet that is also great for children, this is not only for biking but for roller skating and scootering as well! Made of solid, quality material, it’s known to protect your head better.

Keeping you comfortable with the style, it’s got a lot of colors to choose from! So you will be able to find one in your preferred color to match your gear or outfit. It’s also a perfect fit for about any age, just remember to take your measurements before ordering online.

3. Fox Head Transition Hardshell Helmet

Fox Head Transition Hardshell Helmet11 venting ports, more airflow and breathability, along with padding that is removable and soft, what more can you ask for from a mountain biking helmet?

It has an outer shell just like a transition helmet, but has a more street style look that is perfect whether you’re riding on a hard trail, or out on the road. It will keep the back of your head well protected with its good build and design.

4. Moon Road Adjustable MTB Helmet

Moon Specialized Adjustable Adult Bike HelmetMade of quality material designed to protect your head, plus a design that makes you look intimidating yet stylish, this is a great helmet to own for protection and comfort, as well as making a fashion statement as you are riding your mountain bike.

There is also a snap-on visor included, which is great for days when you’re riding your bike under the hot sun.

5. Cycle Force ATB Bike Helmet

Cycle Force ATB Bike Helmet BlackThis is a simple helmet that does the job in keeping your head well ventilated and protected. It comes with a strap and visor to make sure that your face is also protected from the rays of the sun.

This helmet from Cycle Force will fit just right and with different colors to choose from, you can find one that would match your mountain bike or your outfit.

Top mountain bike helmets are made of quality material, so you will not need to worry as your head, one of the most important parts of your body, will be protected. But of course, you should not just depend on the best mountain biking helmets to keep you safe! Make sure that you are careful when riding and that you have other proper equipment such as comfortable mountain biking shorts, knee and elbow pads etc.

You can purchase these in your local athletic store or from legitimate online shops, where you are able to grab some deals and discounts from sales. With the ease of purchasing equipment and the like, you don’t have any excuses left! Get your butt out of the couch and enjoy the trail with your good ‘ol mountain bike. Just remember to wear the best helmet for mountain biking!

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