Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Shorts: The Perfect Fit

Being fit and healthy does not only include eating and sleeping right. You have got to add in some physical activity and get your butt moving as well! Exercising and exerting effort is what, may it be in the gym or at home, that will give you that energy boost and keep your immune system functioning well, with your mind and body reaping a lot of health benefits from a good workout. Even as much as 15 minutes of exercise will have you burning fat and calories!

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Mountain biking is said to be one of the most popular and effective forms of cardio when you are looking to burn fat, and it’s true! But when biking, you should not only be focusing on the right bike for your needs but also the best mountain biking shorts as well. After all, you wouldn’t want to feel uncomfortable while riding around the trail in tight clothes or ones that can’t help your lower body breathe! With the many brands out there, it’s difficult to find the best MTB shorts that will help you and your body perform well as you ride.

So here’s our list of recommended shorts for mountain biking….

Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Shorts

1. Xcellent Global 3D Padded Bicycle Shorts

Xcellent Global 3D Padded Bicycle Cycling Underwear ShortsMade of polyester, nylon, and silicone, these shorts are considered one of the best mountain bike shorts, great especially under hot weather conditions where you perspire more so than usual. Absorbs water quickly and dries fast, you won’t need to focus on the heat or moisture around your legs as it will do the job in drying it out for you.

Plus, it gives excellent breathability, making your lower body comfortable and well ventilated as you bike around the trail. Whether you’re a beginner or a serious cyclist, these are a nice pair of shorts to own.


2. 4ucycling 3D Silicon Gel Padded Bicycle Shorts

4ucycling 3D Silicon Gel Padded bike Underwear ShortsWith 3D padding that is stitched onto the shorts, you will be assured that they will not fall off and that they will provide comfortability around your glutes and legs. No matter how hard that bicycle seat is, the padding will protect you from the discomfort. The 3D padding is known to help with the hip pain many suffer from when biking long distance!

Sweat resistant and allowing breathability around the upper legs, you are assured that there won’t be any wardrobe malfunction, nor will you need to worry about sweat and moisture, even if you bike for hours.


3. Ohuhu 3D Padded Bicycle Shorts

Ohuhu 3D Padded Cycling Biking Bicycle Bike ShortsThese are best for those who are a bit more modest with their outfits and would like a longer pair of shorts. Also great for colder weather conditions as well, these shorts are made of comfortable material designed to keep you cozy and feeling great, despite an intense bike ride.

The padding is just right, and even if you ride for long hours, you won’t feel the discomfort from sitting on a sharp mountain bike seat because of it. Its elastic material and fits perfectly, just remember to take your measurements before purchasing it online.


4. D-FantiX Padded Bicycle Shorts

D FantiX Bicycle Cycling Underwear Quick Dry Gel 3D Padded ShortsMade of quality polyester and spandex, these shorts provide the comfort you need as you bike around town. These are best for especially long bike rides, with padding that can absorb moisture and sweat quickly. It also provides great elasticity and breathability, keeping your legs comfortable and free of sweat.

You also won’t need to worry about the friction pain coming from your legs, as these shorts help with that. Coming in three different colors, you can choose one that suits your outfit!


5. Uniquebella 3D Padded Coolmax Bicycle Shorts

Perfect for men and women of any age, these deserve to be in the list of best-padded mountain biking shorts because of how elastic and stretchy it is, fitting anyone of any size.

It’s lightweight and comes with a good padding design that can easily keep your tush free from discomfort when biking. But make sure you order it a size up from your usual measurements for ultimate comfort. It is available in different color patterns suitable for men and women, so please don’t get confused seeing the pink color and crossing this out of your list.


With these shorts, you won’t only be able to allow your lower body to breathe properly, but you will also be able to ride in comfort, focusing on the workout rather than worrying about any wardrobe malfunction. You can purchase any of these shorts online or in your local athletic store, maybe even strike up on some sales and discounts while doing so. There are still tons of brands available to your liking, so make sure you purchase the perfect pair suitable for you! Whether you want the best mountain bike pants or shorts, the right pair of bottoms will have you riding in style and at ease. Once you are done with shorts, you can consider browsing our recommendations for best mountain bike helmets.

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